Top 10 LEGO Tree Sets

A couple of years ago, I noticed an odd pattern with some of the LEGO® sets I were buying. A large number of them were tree-based. So with the reveal of the LEGO Ideas TreehouseLEGO Ideas Treehouse I thought it was the ideal time for another LEGO Top 10. Trees have made a surprisingly large amount of appearances in LEGO sets over the last few years, I’m not talking about the classic tree element, but actual buildable trees. They aren’t up there with LEGO helicopters just yet but there are still a pretty decent array of different sets featuring lumbering trees or tiny saplings. Thanks to the massive database over on Brickset for a some of the set images below.

  • Number 10 – 9463: The Werewolf (Monster Fighters)

Top Ten LEGO Trees

A beloved theme of mine from back in 2012, the Monster Fighters were a group of monster hunters who tracked down iconic creatures. The Werewolf set featured spooky looking tree, which guarded one of the Moon Stones. The set was actually a remake of an old LEGO Studios set, which featured a more animated looking tree.

  • Number 9 – 31053: Treehouse Adventures (Creator 3-in-1)

Top Ten LEGO Trees

The Creator 3-in-1 range has given us a few sets to feature tree, most of which are treehouses. Although not a grand as the new LEGO Ideas Treehouse, this particular Creator 3-in-1 Treehouse is a fun little set. Plus it can be built into two other builds, using the same elements.

  • Number 8 – 75950: Aragog’s Lair (Harry Potter)

Top Ten LEGO Trees

Another partial remake of a past Harry Potter set, Aragog’s Lair may only feature a small tree, but it great little tree. Built on an angle, the dark wooded tree hides a web projectile. Just like the Monster Fighter tree, it’s a spooky looking shrub, partly thanks to the darker colours used.

  • Number 7 – 41626: Groot & Rocket (BrickHeadz)

Top Ten LEGO Trees

If Rocket can feature in our Top 1o Rockets list then his tree-based buddy can feature in our Top 10 Trees list. Groot is a tree-like humanoid, or a Flora colossi if you well. His BrickHeadz version features numerous printed elements to give the impression of tree bark.

  • Number 6 – 3065: Olivia’s Tree House (Friends)

Top Ten LEGO Trees

LEGO Friends has seen its fair share trees over the last 8 years, one of the best was part of the earlier wave of releases. Like the Creator 3-in-1 sets, Olivia’s Tree House is a simple back garden style build. It clearly shows a little tree den built within the branches of a small tree.

  • Number 5 – 21125: The Jungle Tree House (Minecraft)

Top Ten LEGO Trees

In the world of Minecraft, trees not only look at little different, they are also useful for crafting items and building forts to give you safe from Creepers. The cubic nature of Minecraft trees make them a great place to build a base or lookout point. Both of which are featured in this fun little set.

  • Number 4 – 79002: Attack of the Wargs (The Hobbit)

Top Ten LEGO Trees

This is a set I still have built and on display, and the official image doesn’t do it justice. It’s based on the moment in the questionable Hobbit movies, where Bilbo and the Dwarves seek escape from the Orc and their Wargs. It has a number of play features such has flame projectiles and a catapult to cast the Dwarves into the branches of the tree.

  • Number 3 – 41075: The Elves’ Treetop Hideaway (Elves)

Top Ten LEGO Trees

The Elves range provided us with some amazing little builds and an impressive palette of colours. Which is why I like this set so much. It features two trees connected by a little bridge and an usual mix of purple and pink leaves. The use of these colours really help to capture the magical nature of the land of Elvendale.

  • Number 2 – 4000026: LEGO House Tree of Creativity

Top Ten LEGO Trees

When LEGO House opened its doors in Billund, stood at its centre is a huge brick built tree. Known as the Tree of Creativity, it represents the roots of the LEGO Group beginning as a carpentry company; as well as the ever growing creativity LEGO bricks can bring. A smaller version was first given away to those on the Inside Tour, before another version of set was made available for sale in the LEGO House store.

  • Number 1 – 10236: Ewok Village (Star Wars)

Top Ten LEGO Trees

One of my favourite LEGO Tree sets is from the most unexpected themes. Who would have thought Star Wars would offer such and amazing set of trees. One of the first playset-type UCS sets (later renamed as Master Builders Series) is based on the closing moments of Return of the Jedi, were the Ewok take to their treetop homes to celebrate their victory over the Empire. Not only is this a rather large set, the trees look great

Do you have a favourite LEGO tree set? Let us know below or on our social channels and you can read my review of the LEGO Ideas Treehouse set here, which is available to purchase right nowright now.

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