Top 10 Best LEGO Movie Sets

To coincide with the the upcoming release of the trailer for The LEGO® Movie 2: The Second Part, we thought we’d get in on the list craze, by charting the 10 best sets to be released based on The LEGO Movie. When the movie was released back in 2014, it was supported by a couple of waves of sets, a series of collectible Minifigures and an extended range of companion products, some of which also included exclusive minifigures and minibuilds. Not only that, it also included a direct to consumer set. But where did they chart in our Top 10? Rumours suggest you won’t believe what No. 6 is, that’s how these list things work right?

  • Number 10 – 70801: Melting Room

One of the smallest sets be released in The LEGO Movie range, but based on an important moment in the movie. The set included a trio of minifigures in two of the main characters- Emmet & Wyldstyle plus had a decent price point.

  • Number 9 – 70804: Ice Cream Machine

During The LEGO Movie climatic ending, the residents of Bricksburg, join forces to battle Lord Business’ Micro Managers and Kragle gun. In true LEGO style this results in a crazy collection of crafts, which were once normal vehicles dotted around the city. The best of which is the Ice Cream van, which could be built in normal or battle mode.

  • Number 8 -70806: Castle Cavalry

One of the most loved classic LEGO themes is the Classic Castle range, which was represented in another of the crazy 2-in-1 vehicles. The set is the only 2-in-1 build which didn’t begin as another vehicle, instead is part castle part flying battement.

  • Number 7 – 70815: Super Secret Police Dropship

The Police Drop was released in a later wave of The LEGO Movie sets, but it’s not only a great looking build, it also contains a decent spread of minifigures, including the Green Ninja and the legendary Johnny Thunder.

  • Number 6 – Western Emmet

Western Emmet is one of a many additional minfiigures found outside of the normal sets. This particular one was included with copies of The LEGO Movie Video Game and represents Emmet as he tries to blend into the Old West.

  • Number 5 – 71004: LEGO Minifigures – The LEGO Movie Series

The LEGO Movie minifigure series was the first to be based on a LEGO movie, which has since seen two series of The LEGO Batman Movie and The LEGO NINJAGO Movie. The series included a nice spread of characters from the movie, as well as including some great new parts.

  • Number 4 – 70818: Double-Decker Couch

Another of the sets be released after the initial wave and one of the best value sets ever released. For just under £15 you get five characters including the much-loved Benny, a unique variant of Unikitty and Ghost Vitruvius. Plus you get the famous Double Decker Coach.

  • Number 3 – 70803: Cloud Cuckoo Palace

The Cloud Cuckoo Land set is not only rather colourful, it also has the honour of being seen on screen in its physical form as a build, a younger kid would build, if they were let loose in your LEGO collection. As well as including some great coloured and printed elements, you also got the standard version of Unikitty.

  • Number 2 – 70816: Benny’s Spaceship, Spaceship, SPACESHIP!

Classic Space is the most loved of all LEGO themes, over the years there have been plenty of other spacey sets, but none have captured the magic of the original Classic Space ones. Until one of The LEGO Movie sets honoured Classic Space in style with the awesomely named spaceship, Spaceship, SPACESHIP.

  • Number 1 – 70810: MetalBeard’s Sea Cow

The best set released in The LEGO Movie range was a direct to customer beast. The Seacow may not have featured in the movie for long, but it provided, not only an amazing LEGO Movie set but also an epic build, which looks amazing. This incredible set paved the way for other large scale movie sets including Joker’s Manor and one of the best sets ever released – NINJAGO City.

The LEGO Movie gave us some great sets, do you agree with our Top Ten? Let us know and what would you like to see get the Top Tens treatment next? Let us know in the comments below.


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