The LEGO Movie 2 Second Trailer Breakdown

Earlier this week Warner Bros. Pictures unleashed brand new trailer for the upcoming sequel to the 2014 smash hit, The LEGO® Movie. In The Second Part, Emmet and co are surviving in a battle ravished Bricksburg. The bustling LEGO metropolis has been destroyed by the alien DUPLO invaders. But the sequel will also be introducing a gang of new characters many of whom make their first appearance in this new trailer. So let’s breakdown some of the key moments in this second trailer, including returning characters, their new looks and a number of new faces. Plus it’s another opportunity to speculate what we may see in the some of the future sets and minifigures releasing next year.

The trailer opens will footage similar to the first one, with Lucy battle-hardened and ready to survive, with Emmet being just Emmet. He appears to be the only character not to have vastly changed from the first movie. In fact he’s still as cheery as ever.

The denizens of Bricksburg have all new post apocalypse look, with a number of past minifigure accessories, given a muted new look. The first wave of sets don’t have that many residents in the sets, so expect to see some of them in the rumoured LEGO Movie 2 minifigures series coming early next year. The huge Bat symbol over the bunker, suggests Batman has put his talents to keeping Bricksburg safe once again.

General Mayhem’s cute array of weapons continue with a cutesy little star bomb. These little fellows and the heart seeker missile from the first trailer will appear in many of the sets.

The animation is once again very impressive, which will be intersting to see how they incorporate other styles of LEGO figures and elements from DUPLO and Friends.

One of the biggest reveals in the trailer is for new character, the awesomely named Rex Dangervest. Also voiced by Chris Pratt, Rex is the complete opposite to Emmet. It look like he will have a number of cool looks and outfit changes, meaning there will plenty of versions of his minifigure to collect.

When information about Rex was first revealed he was described as a Galaxy defending archaeology cowboy raptor trainer. Which is exactly how he introduces himself. All titles are slight nods to Chris Pratt’s other roles, including Star-Lord, Jurassic World, Magnificent Seven remake and Chris’ rumoured role in a new Indiana Jones films.

Rex’s coolness translates to his ship, which is a giant Fistbump. It may be a large scale build in the film, but it would make a fun large scale set in future waves.

Aboard Rex’s Fistbump ship, are his beloved Raptors, who are exactly the same those in the Jurassic World sets, but with a blue and green livery. They will be in a couple of the upcoming sets

Rex seems to know something about the other new character Queen Watevra Wa’Nabi. She is another brick-built character like Unikitty. In her standard form she is a horse, but also transforms into strange monstrous creations.

Part use to offer various states of movement continues in the sequel, as Emmet shoots towards the camera, in a Superman pose, his fist has become a recoloured bigfig fist.

For those who watched the first episode of LEGO MASTERS, you may have seen Design VP Matthew Ashton, sketching a Giraffe Suited minifigure. Who just so happens to appear in the new trailer, alongside some licensed characters like Superman, Green Lantern and possibly a super happy Lex Luthor. Plus LEGO Friends minidolls and DUPLO figures will also appear alongside normal minifigures.

Metalbeard has a musical makeover, complete with keyboard leg, trumpet arm and a drum kit on his back. Hopefully this will be featured in a future LEGO set.

Fans of the Unikitty TV show will notice Unikitty’s bro Puppycorn makes an appearance along with the new Unikingdom castle. Which just so happens to be a large version of Unikitty.

The use of real world items also continues in The Second Part, with Emmet painting stubble on his face and this SiStar Guard using a lollipop as a weapon.

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