The LEGO Dinosaurs Of Isla Nublar

If brick-built beasts, like the recently released one featured in the new LEGO® Jurassic Park set, isn’t your thing; then you may prefer the Minifigure-scale moulded dinosaurs. Like the ones included in the new range of LEGO Jurassic World sets based on upcoming animated prequel, Legend of Isla Nublar. The fours sets bring back some old favourites and introduce a couple of new species. Although I’ve already taken a look at each set, the truth is most people are only interested in the dinosaurs. Which is what we’ll be taking a look at today. I also recommend taking a trip over to New Elementary, who have an interview with the LEGO Designer behind these new sets.

The Triceratops

The first LEGO Triceratops appeared in the LEGO DINO theme from back in 2012. This new versions uses the same mould but is coloured a little more brightly than its 2012 counterpart. The original version commanded a high price on the secondary market, especially since the Jurassic World theme reintroduced the prehistoric beasts. Read the review – 75937: Triceratops Rampage Jurassic World Set Review

The Tyrannosaurus rex

Old rexy has appeared in numerous LEGO sets, from the the DINO theme to the Jurassic World sets and even a LEGO Juniors set. The T. rex featured in this set is recoloured and a darker tone compared to some of the other dinos in the range. Although there have been a few other versions of this species, it’s nice to have another differently coloured one here.

The Raptor Squad

Joining the T. rex in the Dino-Mech Battle set is the younger versions of the Raptor Squad from the original Jurassic World movie. There have been a baby Raptors included in some of the other LEGO Jurassic World sets, they have also appeared alongside Rex Dangervest in The LEGO Movie 2. This is the first time Blue, Delta, Echo and Charlie have all appeared as smaller dinos. Read the review – 75938: T. rex vs Dino-Mech Battle Jurassic World Set Review

The Baryonyx

The Baryonyx is an all new species for LEGO. It uses recoloured pieces are other LEGO dinosaurs including the arms and hands of the Indominus rex along with the body and legs of the Indoraptor. A new fearsome looking head completes the look and adds another creature to add to the collection. Read the review – 75935: Baryonyx Face-Off: The Treasure Hunt Set Review

The Dilophosaurus

The Dilophosaurus has previously appeared in the Jurassic World sets, but the version in the new Legend of Isla Nublar range is a new smaller version. Unlike the past versions, this is a completely moulded body with no movable joints apart from the jaw. The colour is a little more muted as well. Read the review – 75934: Dilophosaurus on the Loose Set Review

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