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As you may know we started life as and after many months hard work built the site up to become a great way to convey our love of LEGO® with our readers. A feat recognised by the LEGO Group who made us a Recognised LEGO Fan Media outlet and me an Ambassador. A badge of honour I still cherish today. Unfortunately earlier this year the parties who originally purchased our past domain name, decided to stop paying the bills and wouldn’t allow us to purchase it, in order to continuing with the original name. But after a few hours of major despair, we returned as Although we look the same, we’ve basically started from scratch and someone else has purchased our original domain.

It’s now been brought to our attention that the new owner of our old site name has begun to use the site to sell tables and it’s also been brought to our attention that they are spamming other LEGO sites comments sections. Worst still is that content, stories, my name and connection to LEGO is clearly being re-used to suggest it’s connected to us. Please note this site has absolutely nothing to do with us in any way. We do not condone their actions in any way and advise you take the appropriate action to stop them from posting on your sites. And to our readers please do not be fooled into thinking that the other site is anything to do with us or that it’s recognised by the LEGO Group. If you want the latest LEGO news please make sure you bookmark and follow us on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Author: Adam White

Howdy I'm Adam, The editor of - your go to source for the latest LEGO news, reviews and much, much more. Some of you may know me from other LEGO sites so you'll know I have a good experience of the LEGO community and a deep, passionate commitment to all things LEGO. I specialize in seeking out the latest LEGO news and products, as well as being an expert on all thing LEGO gaming based. So welcome to BricksFanz - Fuelling Your LEGO Lifestyle.

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  1. That’s terrible, Adam, particularly as the news section still has your old content in it!

    Not sure what you can do about it…

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  2. Just brick on and keep up your good work! 🙂


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