Power Up The LEGO Holiday Main Street

Earlier this afternoon the 2022 Winter Village set was officially unveiled. The Holiday Main Street features two quaint shops, a festive scene and a Christmas tree. It also includes a vintage street tram, which can be brought to life by adding Powered Up elements. Once a set which can be jazzed up with Powered Up functions is released, those extra parts always become difficult to source due to increased demand. So if you’re planning on adding Powered Up functions to your 2022 LEGO Winter Village Collection set, here are the parts you’ll need.


The tram requires three extra products in order for powered functions to work, along with the train track to run it along. They include a power hub, train motor and lights. You can always source these from other sets or buy them all separately. Some products may already be temporarily unavailable but add a stock alert for when they get restocked.


Hub: UKIrelandUSCanadaGermanyDenmarkAustraliaNew Zealand


Train Motor: UKIrelandUSCanadaGermanyDenmarkAustraliaNew Zealand


Lights: UKIrelandUSCanadaGermanyDenmarkAustraliaNew Zealand


Train Track: UKIrelandUSCanadaGermanyDenmarkAustraliaNew Zealand

LEGO Winter Village Currents

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Author: Adam White

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  1. Once the Main Street tram is assembled with the motor and lights how do you turn them on to make the tram move and the lights to go on??

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    • You can control the Powered Up elements with the Powered Up app or a LEGO remote controller

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      • Thanks, but the powered up app for the Main Street set, doesn’t seem to have any controls to move the train? It has various buttons for music and lighting up the train though. My train can move with the other scenes; just nothing to control the Main Street scene. Thanks!!

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        • The Speed slider should make it move. If not I would suggest deleting and reinstalling the app and resetting the hub. Make sure the Bluetooth connection has taken as well. You can also create your own control panel in the app. The Disney Train or any other train controls should work as well. If it still doesn’t work, you will need to contact LEGO C/S via LEGO.com

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        • The sliders are marked incorrectly, mine are brake and speed. They are speed and direction.

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  2. I have this set, the powered up add-ons and have installed the app on my phone. Bluetooth works, but I cannot get the lights to switch off so am in danger of draining the batteries unless I keep dis-assembling everything and taking the batteries out.

    How canI switch the lights off completely please?

    Thank you

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    • I’ve not added Powered Up functions to the set myself so I can only assume the lights are controlled by the app. It does feature a ‘bulb’ button. It could also be the case that it’s been designed to light up once the power is on. Hopefully someone else here has added the power elements and they might be able to help

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      • Pressing the bulb button turned the lights on initially but pressing it again doesn’t turn them off 🙁

        I had to dis-assemble the tram and pull the connection to the lights out a little 🙁

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        • Might be worth dropping LEGO C/S a message or contacting them via the product on the app store you downloaded the app from as it’s sounds like an issue with the app not the product or how you’ve built it

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