Let’s-a-meet LEGO Luigi

The moment LEGO® Mario arrived on the scene, fans have been calling for his long-suffering, ghost capturing brother to join him. With the release of the latest wave of LEGO Super Mario sets this Sunday, the Mario Bros are finally reunited. But don’t be fooled into thinking this is merely a green version of Mario, the LEGO version of Luigi is uniquely different and introduces new play elements to the LEGO Super Mario sets.

LEGO Luigi

Despite the core of both LEGO Mario and Luigi being identical the package it comes from is different in slight ways. Some of which aren’t overly obvious at first glance. Although the Mario Bros. began their 8-bit life looking very much the same, over the years they have carved out their own identity. Luigi is now portrayed as being taller than Mario, which has been worked into this LEGO form.

LEGO Luigi

LEGO Luigi

LEGO Luigi has a longer face compared to LEGO Mario, this gives him about a stud’s worth of height advantage. His overalls are also slightly different, as well as being a darker shade of blue, the body section is slightly smaller and the legs are a little longer compared to Mario. Luigi’s feet are also a little smaller. LEGO Luigi can still wear the various Power-Up suits.

LEGO Luigi

LEGO Luigi

The design tweaks are also apparent on Luigi’s face. As well as the face being longer, the hair section is wider, which helps to elongate the figure. LEGO Luigi also has a rounder nose, a different shaped moustache and a smaller mouth screen.

LEGO Luigi

LEGO Luigi

The way LEGO Luigi interacts with the Action Bricks and other motions match those of LEGO Mario. Charles Martinet has once again provided the voice for the character, which is slightly different to Mario’s. Connecting the two characters to the app allows you to play courses in two-player mode. With both characters connected, they will show a yellow neck scarf on their screens. If one of the characters hits a warp pipe, both will show the countdown timer. The main difference with two-player gameplay is the ability to gain bonus coins. If both players take out an enemy or move in a similar fashion, they will both get bonus coins.

LEGO Luigi
Do you need LEGO Luigi to play new sets? No, LEGO Mario can interact with all new sets and LEGO Luigi can interact with all previous sets. It’s just nice to have the ability to reunite the brothers and their fun interactions are a nice touch. Switching both on and hitting the connection button will automatically pair the two together and they will cheerfully greet each other. If one of them falls, the other asks if they are ok.

LEGO Luigi

LEGO Luigi All You Need To Know

Do you need LEGO Mario to use LEGO Luigi?

No, LEGO Luigi works in a similar fashion to LEGO Mario but doesn’t require both interactive figures for other of them to work.

Does LEGO Luigi work with previous sets?

Yes, LEGO Luigi can interact with any of the previous LEGO Super Mario sets and Character Packs.

Can LEGO Luigi wear Power-up Suits?

Yes, although he has a slightly different pair of overalls in his standard form, the additional suits still fit and activate the various power-up actions.

Can LEGO Luigi interact with the Nintendo Entertainment System?

Yes, he activates the same ‘level music’ and power-up SFXs when placed on top of the retro TV.

LEGO Luigi can be found in set 71387: Adventures with Luigi Starter Course set, available from August 1st. LEGO Mario is included in set 71360: Adventures with Mario Starter Course, which is available now. The new range of LEGO Super Mario expansion sets, characters packs and Power-up Suits will be available from August 1st.

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