LEGO Tower Playing Guide

The LEGO® Tower beta is currently available and it’s a fun little game. If you haven’t played one of NimbleBit’s Tower games before then there may be a few things you’ve missed as well as some useful gameplay tips which aren’t easily found during play. So if you’re playing the beta or the final game, once it’s released, here are a helpful gameplay guide to get the best out of LEGO Tower.

Firstly if you aren’t already in the beta, pre-register the game on your smart devices app provider. This will bag you a shiny golden hat. To access the beta you’ll first need to access it via this link. This will allow you to then download the game. This is free to do. In fact the game is totally free-to-play with additional paid options also available. Remember if you’re a parent and letting your younger LEGO fans play the game, make sure you have switch on parental controls to limit any paid access.

The game tasks you with building and maintaining a tower complex. This is of course filled with endless LEGO elements and Easter Eggs. The idea is to expand your tower with new floors and keep its residents happy by adding stores and other things to do. You attract more residents by adding apartments and then getting those who live there to work in the various amenities.

Much of the game is fairly self explanatory but there are a few things that aren’t signposted as you play.

Adding Friends

The game gives you can code which you can share with others to add them as friends. This lets you send items to them and visit their Tower. To add a person you’ll need to add a nickname of your own choosing and their code. Add Friends in the games main menu. Why not share your name and Tower code in the comments below. You can add me using ID: 11M2 with nickname BricksFanz.

Customising Your Tower

Almost every aspect of your Tower can be changed, you can choose various different floors to build, but you can also colour each floor surround. Click the floor you want to customise, tap the scanner icon and this will let you change brick colour. You can also expand item output by using Increase Capacity.

You can also change the roof display, with various options each inspired by different LEGO sets and themes. This can be changed by tapping the roof display or using the Customize button in the menu. This menu also allows you to change backgrounds, which changes the music as well.

You can also change the appearance of your Tower’s residents and your own character. Tap on who you want to change and then use the menu to give them a new look. New Minifigure parts are unlocked as you play.

Fancy A Lift?

Being a Tower, the lift acts as an important way of getting around it. One of the first things to do is upgrade the speed of your lift, this will allow you to earn gold coins and Bux quicker. Tapping this will let you upgrade speed as well as changing the appearance of the lift.

More bang for your Bux

There are two forms of in-game currency – Gold Coins and Bux. Gold Coins can be used to buy new floors and you earn these over time, by stocking floors or from sending visitors to their selected floor. Bux can be used to speed things along, like deliveries. They are earned by completing search tasks. Every so often a vehicle will pull up and you’ll be asked to find an item or person. You’ll also notice a Bux icon displayed on certain floors, if a lift stops at these floors you get additional Bux. You can also purchase additional Bux packs for real world money.

Each time someone visits a floor the restock time will decrease by a minute, the more fully stocked floors you have the more Gold Coins per minute you’ll earn.

Tower Club

Although the game is free-to-play there are paid options. These include packs of Bux, a Lost & Found box which will have various pieces and Bux for £2.69. Tower Club give you various lengths of access to special club bonuses. These include exclusive cosmetic items, an automatic lift, 25% off various upgrades and vehicles. Double daily rent and pieces.

Everything Else

Each resident of the Tower will have a dream job, placing them in that dream job will result in more Bux and Gold Coins. Each floor has three coloured dots, these represent the floors stock levels. Red is out of stock, yellow is being delivered and green is in stock. You can rush delivery by spending Bux, plus once an item is less than a minute from being delivered it can be rushed free of charge. You can increase tasks by buying additional vehicles from the main menu. You’ll also get workers arrive who decrease times on floor construction or by fully stocking floors, you can send these to friends which allows you to store them for future use.


Author: Adam White

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    We downloaded the Beta version and, because that’s what it is, access to in-app purchases is disabled.

    Other things, like the Club Days are also turned-off. So, once you’ve had your 5 free days there is no way to purchase more.

    This becomes frustrating because the lift returns to manual operation and access to themes are no longer available either!

    I am not a gamer, so this is a novel concept for me. But, looking at the cost of in-app purchases, going forward, it appears to be very expensive. I think I’d rather spend my BUX on a real, physical Lego set.

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    • Avatar

      All purchase option are open in the version I’m playing (Android) so could be a platform reason. Free-to-play titles are always the same in terms of paid options. However I always go by the process of if I’ve enjoyed playing it then it’s worth spending a little on, after all it was free to download and I’m prepared to pay for games on traditional gaming platforms, which are way more expensive

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      • Avatar

        Definitely not working on iOS. You get the message “temporarily disabled during testing, sorry!”

        I agree. If I enjoy a game I might spend a few Bob. But, not here. For me it has to be physical Lego I can feel and build

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          To get another free 20 days of tower club, use the code betaclub 🙂

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        Add me as a friend please !


        I visit regularly

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    I just added all of you as friends on LEGO Tower Beta. Hope you all will add me too, 15S4

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    Hello. Can anyone please tell me how to get gold bricks? Is it like tint tower and I get one every time I rebuild the tower at 50 floors? I can’t seem to find anything about it anywhere.

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    • Avatar

      Not sure they are available in the early access version

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    Sent you T0013, hope that helps complete a character! I’m 530F, if anyone wants to add me.

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    im new to the game add me: 75RQ

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    Fast Elevator, please add me 5KD4.

    I visit and add.

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    New to the game, but getting there.
    Please add me as a friend and drop by for a visit.

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    BB9S is me — please friend me up!

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    In the friends menu, I noticed some people have ‘dream jobs’ listed —- how does that work?!?

    please add. I will be playing regularly.

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      Not sure what it means in the Friends menus has there is no way or need ro select a dream job for your own character.

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        It means the player is looking for (requesting) a worker for that job. You can send them one if you have it and don’t want or need it. It’s why I try to keep some reserves around to send out (or back and forth). 8MSM

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        Love this game,feel free to add me X8LN .

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    I’ve just added everyone on this list….hope you’ve enjoyed the bux.

    My id is 6CPQ for those looking for friends

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    I’m B131
    Please add.
    Anyone have codes to redeem?

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    Add me? Will add back & visit!


    Also- know a few others have mentioned anyone know of any codes?

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    Just starting off, thanks for the help!

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    How do you add more workers?

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      Add more apartments then more residents will turn up who can work in various shops

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      Just started a month ago!! Feel free to add me!

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    91TQ, feel free to add me!!

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    Please add me as a friend !

    T7KJ is my player ID

    I visit regularly (that means BUX for you)

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    15B14 is my ID
    I added some people from here

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    Thanks for the tips above, I’ve added everyone on the list. (Hope that’s ok.) if you’d like to add me back I’m


    Have a great time playing everyone

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    128X Please add. Thank you.

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    Will start adding ppl, add me back, I’m 7NPW

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    Please add me, I love this game!

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    Hi! I added everyone here. It’d be great if you could add me too. Thank you!

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      P173 – playing often – I’ve added you … please add me 🙂

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    Awesome. I’ve added a lot of you above. Please add me as well: 1NDHP

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    Fantastic! I’m working my way through the adds above- it’s getting to be a long list.

    Just to add another, I’m 1GV34

    Thanks 🙂

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    Why do some pieces have a yellow star??

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    I guess this is still the best meeting place for finding friends in this game! N0KN please!

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