LEGO Star Wars Skywalker Saga E3 Gameplay Details

With the next LEGO® title from TT Games revealed at E3, details have been a little light on the ground. The game will span the entire Skywalker Saga, which is Episode I: A Phantom Menace through to Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker. With the E3 showfloor open, further details have emerged. Although it retreads content from past LEGO Star Wars games, this isn’t a remastered of those with a few new levels added. The entire game is completely rebuilt from the ground up, brick by brick so to speak. Not only offering a new LEGO Star Wars adventure, but also a completely new LEGO Games experience. For those who played The LEGO Movie 2 game, gameplay will be similar. So the entire galaxy is openworld, and you’ll be able to explore it all. in any order you wish. To do so you’ll be able to traverse the vastness of space between planets, take part in space battles and random encounters.

It seems character combat will also feel a little different this time around, instead of mashing buttons to take down foe, you need to chain combos and characters with blasters can aim a little more precisely, even allowing you to target certain parts of the enemies. This will be achieved by over the shoulder aiming, similar to that in The Force Awakens game. Force powers play a big part of the LEGO Star Wars game and have even been used in other LEGO titles in slightly different forms. They will be improved in The Skywalker Saga, with the ability to use them in combat and to solve puzzles.

For those concerned by the lack of speech in the trailer, the game will be fully voiced. It’s unclear if that means new voice overs or audio lifted from the films. Although the game will offer a vastly different gameplay experience compared to past LEGO Star Wars games, it will offer classic elements like 2 player co-op play, plenty of characters to collect and of course that much-loved LEGO humour.

There is still a long wait before the game arrives in early 2020. Early rumours suggest the game’s unique packaged Minifigure will be a Classic 20th Anniversary Obi-wan, although this may change now the game isn’t coming out until next year.

Author: Adam White

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