LEGO Star Wars Limited Edition Cards Guide

With the brand new LEGO® Star Wars Trading Cards blasting into stores yesterday, the one big question is ‘How do I get the Limited Edition Cards?’ Well wonder no longer, as we have the full list of where you’ll be able to find all 20 Limited Edition cards, along with details of free booster packs being included on various Immediate Media titles. Most of the Limited Edition cards will be available in the LEGO Star Wars Trading Card Collection multipacks and collectors tins, but there will be a couple of magazine you’ll also need to look out for. Starter Pack and Multipacks are available now along with Booster Packs, learn more about the collection here.

  • LE1: Master Yoda | Starter Pack | Available Now

  • LE2: Obi-wan Kenobi | Multipack V1 | Available Now

  • LE3: Jedi Master Luke Skywalker | Multipack V1 | Available Now

  • LE4 Han Solo | Multipack V2 | Available Now

  • LE5: Chewbacca | Multipack V2 | Available Now

  • LE6: Anakin Skywalker | Multipack V3 | Available Now

  • LE7: Rey | Multipack V3 | Available Now

  • LE8: Poe Dameron | Multipack V4 | Available Now

  • LE9: Finn | Multipack V4 | Available Now

  • LE10: Captain Rex | Tin V1 | October

  • LE11: Darth Vader (Ep 6) | Tin V1 | October

  • LE12: Darth Maul (Ep 1) | Tin V1 | October

  • LE13: Captain Phasma | Tin V2 | October

  • LE14: General Grievous | Tin V2 | October

  • LE15: Kylo Ren | Tin V2 | October

  • LE16: Death Trooper | Tin V3| October

  • LE17: Boba Fett | Tin V3 | October

  • LE18: Imperator (Ep 6) | Tin V3 | October

  • LE19: Anakin Skywalker Vs. Count Dooku | MEGA Magazine 74 | October 10th

  • LE20: Luke Skywalker Vs Darth Vader | LEGO Star Wars Magazine | TBC

You’ll also be able to boost your collection with free packets of LEGO Star Wars Trading Cards included on various issues of Immediate Media’s children’s magazine range along with the LEGO Star Wars magazine. The LEGO Magazine range is available from WHSmith, Tesco, Asda, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s, Aldi and selected independent newsagents.

  • LEGO NINJAGO | Issue 41 | 05/09/18

  • LEGO NEXO KNIGHTS | Issue 29 | 12/09/18

  • MEGA Magazine | Issue 73 | 12/09/18

  • LEGO NINJAGO | Issue 42 | 03/10/18

  • LEGO NEXO KNIGHTS | Issue 30 | 10/10/18

  • MEGA Magazine | Issue 74 | 10/10/18

  • MEGA Magazine | Issue 75 | 07/11/18

  • MEGA Magazine | Issue 76 | 05/12/18


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