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Once the realms of nerdy folks, gaming has really hit the mainstream and the perfect example of this are current hits such as The Last of Us TV series, the Mario Brothers lighting up the big screen and Jack Black’s Peach-inspired Bowser song charting in the Billboard 100. Gaming has also started to be a great source of inspiration for the LEGO Group. With the recent announcement of a brand new Sonic the Hedgehog theme, these upcoming sets will join those already available. The sets featured below are perfect for expressing your love of gaming beyond the games.

21331: LEGO Ideas Sonic the Hedgehog

You don’t have to wait until August to get your fix of LEGO Sonic, the Blue Blur has previously appeared in a LEGO Ideas set which is still available. The set recreates a section of the iconic Green Hill Zone and features a Sonic minifigure, along with a couple of Badniks and a brick-built Dr Robonik. You can also combine multiple sets to create larger scenes.

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This was my favourite set of 2022 and this week Horizon: Forbidden West expanded its story with the Burning Shores DLC. So whether you’re a seasoned Horizon explorer, or revisiting the game to check out the new DLC, this is an amazing set to own.

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If you’ve been to see the Super Mario Bros. Movie, it’s safe to assume a certain fruit-based song may not be stuck in your head. If it’s not then click here for something amazing. When he isn’t trying to rule over the Mushroom Kingdom or win Princess Peach’s heart through song, the Mighty Bowser is also one of the most impressive of the Nintendo-themed sets.

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Minecraft BrickHeadz

Minecraft has been a popular theme for a surprisingly long time and the latest additions to the range include three new BrickHeadz sets which also include the 200th BrickHeadz character to be released. Fans of the game can recreate Alex, a Llama and a Zombie in the unique BrickHeadz style.

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Last year marked the 50th anniversary of one of the pioneers of home gaming. Atari may not be what it once was, but the classic games and iconic wood panel console still hold fond memories for many people. The Atari 2600 has been recreated as a detailed LEGO set, complete with some great gaming Easter Eggs.   

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