LEGO NINJAGO Quest For The Lost Powers Review

As the NINJAGO fans work together to reveal the name of the upcoming new series of animated NINJAGO series, a recently published new book rediscovers some lost tales from NINJAGO. Since the LEGO® NINJAGO theme was introduced in 2011, it’s expanded beyond toys to include a long-running TV series, movie, comics and book. These additional bits of media have helped to expand the NINJAGO lore, but there are still many stories to tell. Quest for the Lost Powers features four previously untold tales focused on Kai, Zane, Cole and Jay. The book takes place after the event of the Crystalized series and reveals how they regained their once lost powers.

NINJAGO Quest for Lost Powers

Product Description

Mysterious adventures from the past are revealed in this action-packed LEGO® NINJAGO® illustrated chapter book series with four all-new stories!

The world of LEGO® NINJAGO® is changing, and Master Wu, Kai, and the other Spinjitzu Masters must face an all-new challenge unlike any they have ever faced before . . . or have they? Will a forgotten adventure from their past give them the clues they need to face the future? Find out in this action-packed chapter book series that is illustrated throughout and features four all-new adventures of LEGO mighty Masters of Spinjitzu!

  • Book Title: LEGO NINJAGO Quest for the Lost Powers
  • Publisher: Random House/LEGO Books
  • Pages: 192
  • RRP: £14.99/$11.99
  • ISBN: 9780593648483
  • Formats: Physical & Digital
  • Availability: Online Book Retailers


The book is told from the perspective of Master Wu, who whats to share how the ninja regained their lost powers after their run-in with the Overlord. Until now how Kai, Zane, Cole and Jay got back the power of fire, earth, lighting and ice has been purely speculative. So this is an important title for those who like to get deep into the lore of NINJAGO. It opens with a short introduction by Master Wu and then is split into four different stories, each focused on a different character. Each story is then split into five chapters. This makes it a great book for younger readers to enjoy as a bedtime story over a few nights.


Unlike most other LEGO Books, this is largely focused on the stories, although there are a few black-and-white illustrations dotted throughout the book. These are wonderful drawings and are in the same style as many of the other LEGO titles from Ameet and its various publishing partners. With the stories told, the book concludes with a brief outro from Master Wu and a handy glossary which gives a short bit of history of some of the characters featured in the book. This is great for those who may not be well-versed in the entire history of NINJAGO and it’s characters.



I have long admired the NINJAGO theme and its incredible fanbase. But I’m certainly no expert on the history of NINJAGO, but after reading the book, I can say it’s an enjoyable set of stories. It helps to flesh out the lore and characters of NINJAGO, even if there are a few minor inconsistencies with previously told stories. Although primarily a storybook, it would have been nice to have the illustrations presented in colour as they are beautifully done and it seems a shame to just have them in black and white. Of the four different stories, Kai’s seems the least compelling as it feels very similar to stories told in the past seasons of the animated series, but the other three stories do offer something unique. Much like the recent Garmadon comic book, this is another great expansion of the NINJAGO universe. It does seem a little tricky to purchase the book in the UK, so you may want to try the digital version.

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