LEGO Movie 2 On The Cutting Room Floor

The LEGO® Movie 2 is filled with an impressive array of LEGO creations. All of which have been created with the input of the LEGO Designer Team in Billund. Some of the thing you’ll see up on the big screen will have gone through the same design process as the many LEGO sets do. This includes creating numerous concept models, many of which are currently on display at LEGO House in Billund. Many of the builds being exhibited show the various stages of design of characters and brick-built elements seen in the final cut of the movie, but there are a couple of interesting builds on show, which didn’t make the cut and ultimately missed out on big screen stardom. But they are too good not to be give the fanfare they deserve.

The Bat-Hemoth by Mark Stafford

With aliens attacking and the land laid to waste, you’d need a pretty hefty vehicle to help you blast about the place, especially if you’re the Dark Knight. The Bat-Hemoth is an insanely over-the-top battle tank, constructed by Batman. In the real world it’s the brainchild of famed LEGO Design legend Mark Stafford. It’s best described as the driller tank from the Ultra Agents themed, on many, many steroids. So it’s a huge driller, with many wheels and a classic Batmobile tacked on for good measure. The build was set to be included in the movie, until being cut towards the end of production. It would’ve made an incredible retail set and maybe it will appear in some of The LEGO Movie 2’s deleted scenes.

Chainsaw Dave’s Battle Vehicle by Nick Vas

When the brief is to build the ultimate battle vehicle, you can’t get much more deadly than a huge driveable chainsaw. The once surf lovin’ Dave and swapped his boards for chainsaws. The blade actually oscillates and is topped with the skeleton of a VW camper. Although the concept never made the movie, the VW Camper cab has been incorporated on the Justin Ramsden’s amazing Welcome To Apocalypseburg! set.

Image from Mark and Nick’s Twitter feeds


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