LEGO Minifigures Series 18 Find ’em Guide

Although the latest series of LEGO® Minifigures aren’t officially released until April 1st some stores are putting them out early so it’s the perfect time for our LEGO Minifigures Find ’em Guide. Series 18 celebrates the 40th Anniversary since the LEGO Minifigure was introduced and includes these 17 characters – Birthday Cake Guy, Firework Guy, Cowboy Costume Guy, Spider Suit Boy, LEGO Brick Suit Guy, LEGO Brick Suit Girl, Race Car Guy, Birthday Party Boy, Cactus Girl, Flowerpot Girl, Cat Costume Girl, Birthday Party Girl, Classic Policeman, Elephant Girl, Dragon Suit Guy, Unicorn Guy and Party Clown. As you’ll see in our review, Series 18 many of the minifigures include brand new elements, which will certainly help in your quest to find them all, however despite these unique new pieces are a little tricky to feel for and of course the super rare Classic Police is only found once per box, so if you need a little help check out the guide below. Don’t forget to be respectful of the store and others when feeling for Minifigures, many stores will be more than happy to help, so ask before wreaking displays or getting in the way of other. For a better look at each minifigure why not check out our review.

Birthday Cake Guy

Feel For: New cake element

Firework Guy

Feel For: New Firework Suit element

Cowboy Costume Guy

Feel For: Cowboy Hat

Spider Suit Boy

Feel For: Small Spider element

LEGO Brick Suit Guy

Feel For: New 2×3 brick suit plus flat hair

LEGO Brick Suit Girl

Feel For: New 2×3 brick suit plus hair with ponytail

Race Car Guy

Feel Free: New Race Car piece

Birthday Party Boy

Feel For: 1×1 flat tile (x 2)

Cactus Girl

Feel For: Unique cactus armed torso

Flowerpot Girl

Feel For: New Flowerpot element

Cat Costume Girl

Feel For: Fish element

Birthday Party Girl

Feel For: 1×1 round tiles

Elephant Girl

Feel For: Skirt element

Dragon Suit Guy

Feel For: Wing piece

Unicorn Guy

Feel For: Shield & Sword

Party Clown

Feel For: New balloon animal pieces

Classic Policeman

Feel For: 1×2 flat tile and plate

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