LEGO Minifigures Continues To Expand Inclusivity

When the LEGO® Minifigure was first conceived it was decided to give them a yellow skin tone so that children of any race or background could pour their creative imagination into these little plastic vessels. Although over the years more natural skin colours have been introduced to reflect mostly famous TV and movie characters, yellow is still used for most LEGO characters.

Being able to reflect modern-day life in LEGO sets has evolved vastly over the years. From Octan moving into reusable energy and LEGO explorers preserving ocean life, big leaps have been made to move with the times and reflect a better way of life. But the biggest leap was quietly made a few years ago. Back in 2016, at one of that year’s Toy Fair events, the LEGO Group unveiled their upcoming range for that year. One of the sets on show was a LEGO City People Pack, which included a Minifigure in a wheelchair. The internet exploded at this news, as it was a positive step to further reflect real life through LEGO.

LEGO Minifigure In Wheelchair

In the upcoming new LEGO City Main Square set, one of the Minifigure is wearing a hearing aid. Again these may not seem like a big deal, but for the hundreds of young people who wear hearing aids, it’s massive. It’s a small way of removing the stigma wrongly attached to the conceived nature of being ‘different’.

Kids use toys to escape into fantastical worlds. They become a superhero, race car driver, vet, scientist and much more, through the toys they play with. But for those who are considered a little ‘different’ to others, they may find it hard to feel they are truly reflected by what they see on TV, in books, movies or the toys they play with. Having Minifigures in wheelchairs or sporting a hearing aid may not seem like much, but for the kids (and adults) who build LEGO sets featuring them, it’s an incredibly positive step. A step which shows no matter who you are, you can be anything.

LEGO Minifigure With Hearing Aid

On a side note, for those jokingly mocking the lack of ears on Minifigures or that the hearing aid has been glued to their heads. Just stop a take a moment before you type. A Minifigure may not have visible ears but showing one wearing a hearing aid will have a big impact on the young LEGO builders who also wears them. The same as your jovial remarks could.

Author: Adam White

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  1. One thing we do need is a blind minifigure with guide dog – a new mould for a tan labrador, not the current German Shepherd/

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  2. I have a daughter with Hearing Loss. These are FANTASTIC!! Where does anyone buy them?

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    • The Minifigure with the hearing aid is currently only available in set 60271: Main Square. You can buy the head element on its own but it’s currently out of stock. Just keep checking > Support > Replacement Bricks > Buy Bricks > then search set 60271. It’s element ID 6311265 Design No 69148

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      • Awesome, thanks for the tip. I have two kids with hearing loss so will be checking for these daily.

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