LEGO Magazines July Round-up

It’s been a long time but the BricksFanz LEGO® Magazine Round-up is finally back! Due to COVID-19 I’m been unable to bring you the regular LEGO magazine feature as my review copies have been greatly delayed. As shops have been closed and I’ve been shielding tracking down the latest copies hasn’t really been essential. However, I now have all the current issues so it’s round-up time once again.

After all this time there are a few developments in the world of LEGO magazines. A new title is set to join the line-up next month. LEGO Super Hero Legends with combine the current LEGO Batman magazine with a new LEGO Marvel one. With the magazine flipping between the two comic book worlds with each issue and the first will be LEGO Batman. Although we get another new magazine, it’s rumoured that the LEGO Friends and LEGO Hidden Side magazines will be closed in a few issues time. You may have seen a new magazine called LEGO Explorer. It’s currently available in Germany and includes a STEM-themed polybag. It’s not currently listed for a UK release, but that will hopefully change.

Remember release dates could change due to the current situation. You could ask your local newsagent to get hold of copies of these LEGO magazines for delivery to your door or you can order them online via the link below.

LEGO Star Wars Issue 61


Price: £3.99 Includes: AT-AT Miniset Next Time: Stormtrooper Minifigure

LEGO Disney Princess Issue 4

LEGO Disney Lucifer

Price: £3.99 Includes: Lucifer the Cat & Porch Miniset Next Time: LEGO Disney Princess Belle Mini-doll & Magical Rose

LEGO City Issue 29

LEGO City Diver

Price: £4.25 Includes: LEGO City Diver Minifigure & Shark Next Time: Cool Guy Minifigure + Jet Ski



Price: £3.99 Includes: Zane Minifigure Next Time: Digi Lloyd Minifigure

LEGO Specials Issue 39 – LEGO Jurassic World 7

LEGO SE Jurassic Owen

Price: £3.99 Includes: Limited Edition Owen Minifigure + Canoe Next Time: Dino Lab Miniset + Baby Raptor

LEGO Friends Issue 72

LEGO Friends Juice

Price: £3.99 Includes: LEGO Friends Juice Bar Miniset Next Time: LEGO Friends Stephanie’s Lifeguard Post + Dolphin

LEGO Hidden Side Issue 8

LEGO Hidden Side Mechanic

Price: £4.99 Includes: Haunted Mechanic Minifigure + Bonus Minifigure Next Time: Jack Minifigure + Spencer

The LEGO Magazine range can be found in WHSmith, Asda, Aldi, Tesco, Morrisons and Sainsbury’s stores. You can also have them delivered worldwide here. Please note that not all retailers will stock every title and publication dates are subject to change. As always thanks to Immediate Media for sending us copies of the LEGO Magazine range.

LEGO Magazines July 2020


LEGO Magazine August Next

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  1. hello Adam, i look forward to your reviews every month, so really glad you are starting again, the website that you have linked shows the issue number 6, whereas i would like this issue, so i am confused whether they will actually send this one or not, please reply soon, thanks.

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    • Depends on what the description on the site says. Some are offered back issues and some subscriptions can be started on at a certain issue, all depends on stock they have.

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    • I should also ask which magazine? May be able to help you track one down

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      • sorry for not being as clear before as i was in a rush, but i was referring to issue 65 of the ninjago magazine, as the description and cover image in the link you provided does not match the latest version.

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          • thanks you for your help, i have looked in multiple places but they were all out of stock, now i can finally get it

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