LEGO Friends Revamped For 2018

With the launch of the new LEGO Friends Heartlake Rush app and the first images of upcoming 2018 LEGO Friends sets, you may have noticed some changes to the LEGO Friends characters. Well it certainly hasn’t gone unnotced by LEGO fans, which has lead the LEGO Friends Design Team to release a little statement which details why the girls of Heartlake City will look a little different in 2018. Although there are some changes afoot, the core build experience, storylines and character traits many of come to love about LEGO Friends will remain the same. You’ll notice the new look LEGO Friends on the new set packaging arriving just after Christmas.

Every year we strive to innovate and make our products even better for children all over the world. A lot of effort has gone into the development of the LEGO characters and universes across our entire product range, so it makes us very happy  when changes are noticed.

LEGO Friends in 2018 looks a bit different than what it has in the past. To be specific, the 5 main characters have a slightly different look but also the city and the citizens of Heartlake City have changed.

But what are the reasons for the change?

Firstly, we want to assure you that all 5 friends are still there in 2018.
Andrea, Mia, Emma, Stephanie and Olivia – they all still exist! Also the character’s main interests and personalities remain mainly unchanged.

What you will see in 2018 is an evolution of LEGO Friends, a progression of the story and characters to make sure children get an even greater play experience. Every year more than a million children and parents reach out to us and share what they love and what they would like to change. In the LEGO Friends range children told us that they would like even more differentiated characters and also suggested improvements to Heartlake City.

We always take great care to listen to input from children, and the LEGO Friends team has worked hard to make even more engaging and relevant experiences for children – and also make the LEGO Friends universe more true to the actual world children live in.

Taking a starting point in reality, we’ve made the characters more diverse in their appearance and have added more depth to their personality. And of course, they still live in Heartlake City. But just as the characters have changed, Heartlake City has become more differentiated and rich. There are different districts and there are other citizens that play a more active role in the story.

The changes we have made does not change the fact that previous and new LEGO Friends sets will cater for great building and play experience in 2018 and beyond, and we hope to inspire even more stories and play opportunities for children in the future.

Author: Adam White

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  1. I hate the way the characters look now I have been obsessed with Lego friends I hate the way the characters look I wellen truly love the old looks 100% more the new look has completely put me off so I guess I’m done with yet another Lego line why can’t this company leave well well enough alone you have to ruin such an amazing line I have been collecting Lego friends since the line began and I have to be honest this change is the worst thing you could have possibly done you destroyed all the characters the main 5 were perfect the way they were for god sakes you don’t go and completely change the main characters I can honestly say that I will not be purchasing any of these new figures

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