LEGO FORMA Will Not Be Launched Globally

In the last few days LEGO® FORMA has popped up on for sale. This was a slight surprise as the product was previously only available via an Indiegogo campaign last year. However this is not the first signs of the product launching as a theme, as LEGO have chosen not to move forward with the product. The listing on is for a small amount of remaining UK stock. So once that’s gone LEGO FORMA will be assigned to the history books

Shop Now – 81000: LEGO FORMA

Based on these key learnings, we have decided that LEGO FORMA will not be launched further in its present form. We know there is a lot of love for the concept out there, and we will make sure all our learnings are fueled into the broader organization and taken into consideration for future concepts.

Author: Adam White

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  1. It’s interesting, maybe, to note, that Lego has put a maximum figure of 20 per household on orders of this. You gotta wonder who thought this was a great idea if there’s that many left?

    I think the original thought behind it was an interesting concept. But, the marketing and target audience wasn’t, in my opinion, particularly well researched.

    Lego already has a large adult following. I guess the marketing department was trying to reach out to a section of the toy buying public who hadn’t considered Lego as a way of killing time or relaxing?

    I hope Lego consider using some of the mechanics from these sets in other upcoming themes. It’d work particularly well with Ninjago dragons!

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    • Limit is 3 per person

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      • They’ve dropped that from yesterday, it was clearly the higher number as “it” was pointed out to me by another AFOL before I visited the Lego GB website. Not that I’m at all invested in the set 🙂

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  1. Il seto LEGO Forma 81000 in vendita sullo shop ufficiale inglese - […] ma al fine di esaurirne le scorte in quanto la linea Forma non verrà riproposta, secondo quanto indicato dal…

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