LEGO DC Super-Villains Gameplay Details

With E3 kicking off in LA this week we can expect a few more details regarding TT Games’ upcoming new LEGO® outing, LEGO DC Super-Villains. The latest in the series of LEGO Batman titles, focuses on some of the DC universes most dastardly bad folk. Playing as the Injustice League, this will be the first time players ventured through the LEGO universe from the unique perspective of a villain. But you don’t just just fill the blocky boots of any old villain, you create your own unique super-villain at the start of the game. LEGO Games have long allowed you to create a your own minifigure characters, but this has been fairly basic until recent titles. The look, style, abilities and back story of your villain can all be customised. Plus you’ll unlock new abilities, powers and customiser elements as you progress through the main story. If creativity isn’t your style then you can also choose from pre-set villain characters, whichever you choose, they will feature across the game and will centre to the story.

Whether your Graffiti Spraying the city walls or using Fear Toxins to scare characters nearby and give them a fright, playing as a super-villain gives you full reign to use any tricks in your arsenal to carry out your mischief.  The game is set in Gotham City and Metropolis, which acts as the main hub world, but will also feature other famous DC Comics locations and landmarks including Smallville, Hall of Doom, Hall of Justice & the Justice League Watchtower. Much like the upcoming LEGO Incredibles game, there will be a number of crime events, which occur in the hub world. These will be separate events for both heroes and villains, these will allow you to pull off a heist alongside other villains or take down the bad guys in heroic missions. These hub world events will bring hours more fun to LEGO DC Super-Villains, beyond the main story of the game. Expect additional information to appear throughout E3, where the game will be shown off on a number of livestream events. Plus E3 could be the place where TT Odyssey may reveal their first mobile title.

Author: Adam White

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