LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes Ultimate Quiz Book Review

After taking a look at the two recent DK Books LEGO® releases, today we’ve taking a look at an upcoming title. The vast range of DC Super Heroes sets are the inspiration for a new question-filled quiz book. Do you know your DC Super Heroes from your DC Super-Villains? Do you know your Batman from your Robin? Could you name how many sets a certain element has appeared? Then this could be the quiz book for you. So let’s take a closer look at the LEGO DC Super Heroes Ultimate Quiz Book from DK Books.

Product Description

This fun LEGO® DC Super Heroes trivia quiz book is packed full of questions about your favourite LEGO DC Super Heroes characters, including Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman, Harley Quinn and the Joker.

Find out how much of a superfan you are with mind-boggling questions, fun picture rounds, and bonus “genius questions”. Become a quiz master and test your friends and family with hours of entertaining LEGO DC Super Heroes trivia. With chapters on Super Heroes and super-villains, you can find out incredible facts about every aspect of the LEGO DC Super Heroes Universe including amazing superpowers, cool vehicles, and secret identities. How did the Flash get his powers, where is Superman’s secret base located, and what is the name of Green Lantern’s alter ego? Which super-villain was once elected president and where does Nth metal come from? Discover the answers to all 1000 questions in the LEGO DC Super Heroes Ultimate Quiz Book!

  • Book Title: LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes Ultimate Quiz Book: 1000 Brain-Busting Questions
  • Publisher: DK Books
  • Pages: 128
  • RRP: £7.99
  • ISBN: 9780241301432
  • Availability: Published July 5th

The Book

Of the three LEGO titles we recently received from DK Books, we have to admit the Quiz Book was the one we were the least excited about. Unlike the other books it doesn’t feature any physical LEGO pieces, but it’s actually a pretty interesting book. I was expecting it to be a mere LEGO skinned book featuring questions about the world of DC Comics. Although it is partly that, the book also contains numerous LEGO questions, making it the perfect titles for all the know-it-all LEGO fans out there. Do you know how many batwing elements have featured in which sets? Do you know who the villain is in the Flying Fox: Batmobile Airlift Attack set? The book features questions just like those and over 1000 more. Making it the perfect book for long car journeys or AFOL gatherings.

The book is laid out in a fun and colourful way, with pages themed around certain DC characters or LEGO sets, with the questions tailored to the imagery. All of which is mainly stock images, but the real draw is the questions and facts dotted across the book.


Although there may not be any sort of exclusive Minifigure or LEGO minibuilds with this book, its content was genuinely a nice surprise. of course, those who are interested in the DC Universe will get the most enjoyment out of it, but the LEGO themed questions are a great addition to the DC ones. We’ve all got one of those friends who thinks they know everything, so this book is the perfect chance to test their knowledge. Thanks to DK Books for sending us the title to review. LEGO DC Super Heroes Ultimate Quiz Book: 1000 Brain-Busting Questions, will be available from July 5th and you can per-order a copy now from Amazon. The thoughts within this review reflect those of BricksFanz. and not DK Publishing.

Author: Adam White

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