LEGO City Firefighter Buildable Watch Review

LEGO® City is a wonderful place, you can build what you want, where you want and if you fancy a change, just grab some bricks and get creative. But this blatant disregard planning rules means LEGO City is also rampant with crime and accidents. Step forth the brave men and women of the LEGO City Emergency Services. Who are the focus of ClicTime‘s latest range of buildable LEGO watches. Thanks to our chums at ClicTime, we’ve been able to take a closer look at the LEGO City Buildable Minifigure watches, starting with the Firefighter themed one.

Product Description

Anything can happen in LEGO City! From heists to daring rescues… Heroes are always needed. Protect and serve with the LEGO City Police Officer and Firefighter buildable watches. Unleash your imagination and creativity by joining the multicolored, interchangeable links, including a minifigure link to build a unique watchband to fit most wrist sizes. Fun, imaginative and colorful, there’s a buildable LEGO City timepiece to take any situation thrown at you.

  • Product Name: LEGO City Firefighter Buildable Minifigure Watch
  • Features: Japanese Quartz movement, Scratch resistant acrylic lens, Extra watch links included, Water resistant to 50 meters
  • RRP: £19.99
  • Item No: xxxxxx
  • Requires: 1x watch battery (included)

Although ClicTime’s LEGO Watch System doesn’t actually include any traditional LEGO elements, it follows the same sort of rules. All the pieces included in each watch across the range is compatible with each other. Each pack includes watch face, a selection of multi-coloured links, clasp and a unique minifigure link. Combined these allows you to build your own watch and also acts as an easy watch to ensure the watch fits any wrist size. Making them perfect for the younger fan, as the watch can grow as they do.

The easy to read watch face, features a cartoony image of a trio of LEGO City Firefighters in action, clear to read numbers, which come in handy when telling the time. The black outer casing of the watch is made from a strong poly-carbonate material, with the watch face covered with a scratch-resistant mineral crystal lens. Another bonus should younger wearers get a little to rough when wearing it.

The recent range of the kids LEGO Watches all feature a unique Minifigure link, this one includes a mini Firefighter. Although smaller than their LEGO counterparts, they are a perfect representation. With shape print detail and it may seem like nothing buy even the hands are well moulded. We were recently asked on Twitter is the minifigure link makes the watch uncomfortable to wear, thanks the link is split across three separately connected sections, it sits nicely around the wrist, just like the other links. In fact thanks to the material the watch is made from, they are far more comfortable to wear than most watches are.

The new 2018 buildable watches now include a brand new clasp, past watches featured a hook clasp, but the new watches now include a buckle clasp, which is much easier to connect and undo. It a nice little redesign and I prefer this sort of connection clasp compared to the previous version.


LEGO Watches are a fun way to share your love of LEGO and it’s quite fun to be able to build your own watch. Although aimed more towards younger LEGO fans, you can still be impressed by on how the whole thing goes together. They are the perfect size for kids too and as mentioned above, the fact you can add or remove links fairly easily, they watch will last a while and a sturdy enough to boot. The minifigure link is a nice addition to the overall design and despite the smaller scale, is almost identical to the minifigure it’s modelled after. The new clasp is a great design choice and is much easier to use compared to the old style one.

You can add the LEGO City Firefighter Buildable Minifigure Watch to your collection now. Check out full range of LEGO Buildable Watches and Minifigures clocks here. We’ll be bringing you our review of the LEGO City Police Buildable Minifigure Watch soon.

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