LEGO Bits N’ Bricks Offers More Than Just Games

As the third season of the excellent LEGO® Bits N’ Bricks Podcast concludes, it’s the perfect time to revisit previous episodes, before Season 4 arrives. Now you wouldn’t be mistaken for thinking the LEGO Bits N’ Bricks Podcast is very much focused on the many LEGO video games. This may have signalled to some LEGO fans, who lack an interest in this aspect of LEGO fandom, to give it a miss. But as I’ve listened to all the episodes over the last year it’s become apparent that those more interested in the physical brick side of the LEGO Group’s offering will find some episodes of the podcast very interesting. For example the final episode of Season 3 details the story behind LEGO Galidor and the tech which was packed into an interactive playable figure. A toy that could listen to the TV series and react to it, this was back in 2002!

Although the episodes certainly lean towards the connection to games, they also offer an amazing insight into how themes are created. As well as going behind the scenes of how the LEGO Group craft new sets, themes and experiences. I highly recommend every episode of the LEGO Bits N’ Bricks Podcast, but here are just a few episodes to check out first.

The LEGO Bricks N’ Bits Podcast will return later this year with more episodes.

Author: Adam White

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  1. I discovered the Podcast several months back and have been enjoying ever one. I am not a fan of LEGO games, per se, but the background/development/creation information is very intriguing. Coincidentally, I have been creating my own LEGO game to enjoy my MOCs. I have always felt the key component of any LEGO video game was missing the freedom of building and then playing with your creation. The Bits n’ Bricks series has helped me formulate a business model for a self sustaining game (at least hypothetically), but in the meantime, it is fun to bring my vehicles and buildings alive to use them in a 3D environment.

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