LEGO Batman Limited Edition Trading Cards Guide

For those collecting the new LEGO® Batman Trading Cards, you may want to know where you can find all of the Limited Edition Gold Cards. Most are easy to find as they are included in the Starter Packs and various Multipacks, but you’ll also need to track now the next two issues of the LEGO Batman Magazine. The first of which is one sale now along with the four different multipacks to collect, which each contain 2 of 8 different Limited Edition cards. So here is the full list of the 12 UK Limited Edition LEGO Batman Trading Cards.

  • LE1: Batman – Starter Pack
  • LE3 : Joker – Multiplack 1
  • LE3: Aquaman – Multipack 1
  • LE4: Trinity – Multipack 2
  • LE5: Aquaman vs Black Manta – Multipack 2
  • LE6: The Flash – Multipack 3
  • LE7: Green Lantern – Multipack 3
  • LE8: The Flash vs The Reverse Flash – Multipack 4
  • LE9: Shazam – Multipack 4
  • LE10: Superman – LEGO Batman Magazine Issue 3 On Sale June 19th
  • LE11: Robin – LEGO Batman Magazine Issue 2 On Sale Now

The Starter Pack, Multipacks and LEGO Magazines can be found in a number of retailers including WHSmith, most Supermarkets and independent newsagents. You’ll also be able to purchase Multipacks from 5 Minute Fun Shop in a few months time, where you’ll also be able to purchase individual cards, not including Limited Edition ones.

Author: Adam White

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  1. Do you have anymore details on the L.E cards. As in what is L.E card 2 or dates on when the multi packs are out and which shops?. Also do you want to swap some ?

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    • All details on the Limited Edition cards and their availability can be found in our guide.

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  2. I’ve checked all my local supermarkets and WH Smith in Glasgow city centre and not seen a multipack yet. Are they out?

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    • Yep they came out a few days after the Starter Packs and Cards

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    • WH Smith in Glasgow Central Station had them last week (18/6). I bought the last one on the Tuesday, but when I went back on the Wednesday they had re-stocked and I managed to get the other 3 for the set.

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    • Is there anywhere I can get hold ov the batman magazine issue two as I missed it when it came out and I need the LE Robin trading card, thanks

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      • Only on eBay or here however if you only want the card, drop me an email via the contact form and I have spare you can have

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        • Thanks for this Adam, I’ve ordered the magazine from ur link. Appreciate ur help

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        • Hi im looking for the le11 robin too. I never got the magazine and I started the collection only 3 weeks ago so I’m missing this one, I have ordered the superman le

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          • Drop me an email here and I’ll see what I can do

  3. Where on earth can I find the multi-packs please?? I’ve tried WHSmiths, Morrison’s, Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Asda near me in Leeds plus a couple of newsagents! Nothing, only the starter pack or the comic.

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    • Ask your local WHSmith store to order them from their news wholesaler which will either be Smiths or Menzies. They are sale or return so no lose to store. Plus WHSmith offers a magazine ordering service. My store has loads but we had to order them.

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      • Hi, is there anywhere that you can now order the limited edition cards from??! We started this late, it’s my sons birthday on Friday and these are the ones he needs. Feeling the pressure!

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        • It depends on which LE cards you need?

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          • At the current time all except LE1 !

            He was given the starter pack by his nan recently, but it seems like she may have had it a while. Any help is appreciated!

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