LEGO Baseplates Set To Change In 2022

The humble LEGO® Baseplate has been a key part of LEGO building for many years. They’ve acted as roads, deserts, planet surfaces and the foundations of many Modular sets. Because of this they are also much loved by MOC builders and those who like to create vast LEGO displays. With the advent of the new surface plates, introduced in the LEGO City sets, rumours started to swell that the classic baseplate would be dropped from the LEGO product range. Well, this is partly true as the currently available LEGO baseplates will be phased out and replaced by exactly the same thing. The only changes to LEGO Baseplates are their set numbers and a switch from plastic packaging to paper. So if you see that the baseplates are tagged as ‘retiring soon’ this is simply because they will transform into new packaging. This official statement has been shared by the LEGO Group:

Over the next few months you will likely see some products with “retiring soon” branding or perhaps a local retailer reporting that they are no longer able to order certain products. We want to share ahead of time that there is no need to be alarmed about baseplates.

In 2022, baseplates will be changing from their current plastic packaging to more sustainable paper packaging. Besides packaging, there are no additional changes with the LEGO baseplates and you will still be able to get the same colors and sizes in 2022 that you can purchase today. You can expect to see the new packaging around March 1, 2022.

  • Green Baseplate: 10700 become 11023
  • Gray Baseplate: 10701 becomes 11024
  • Blue Baseplate: 10714 becomes 11025
  • White Baseplate: 11010 becomes 11026

LEGO Baseplates Current packs

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