LEGO At 60: Inside The LEGO Vault

Back in April last year we hopped on our very first overseas trip to the little Danish town of Billund, home of the LEGO® company since it was founded in the early 1930s. Near to the centre of Billund is a mid-sized looking family home, backed by a series of other buildings. This seemingly unimportant building was in fact where LEGO began life as a carpentry workshop before it, slowly evolving to make the little plastic bricks we love today. Now the Kirk Christiansen family home holds a very special secret, a fabled underground vault which houses one just about every LEGO set ever made. This vault is part of a larger secret museum called the LEGO Idea House, before the opening of The LEGO House last year, the Idea House acted as the sole historic collection of the company’s long history. From the early range of wooden toys to some of the early LEGO sets, the Idea House is a marvel for all LEGO fans lucky enough to visit it.


With the 60th anniversary of those bricks being celebrated this year, we though it was a fitting time to share a little insight into our visit to the fabled LEGO vault. Before we visited the vault, are imaginations were rift with one of the huge circular vault doors, you often see in movies, with armed guards and maybe a laser grid, OK that may be a little far fetched, but what we expected wasn’t what we were greeted with, although doesn’t make it any less impactful. Down a short flight of stairs in a long room is a series of archive roller shelves, each denoting various eras and years. As the first was rolled open, upon the many shelves were masses of boxes of LEGO.

It was amazing to see all those old boxes, as well as having a unique visual take on how the brand has evolved over the years. Everyone has a set that brings back fond memories and finding them was just as much fun as seeing everything that LEGO has created over the years, I could of spend hours in there, but unfortunately only a short time within the vault, but it’s a time I will never forget. See even more of the LEGO Idea House in our feature from last year.

Author: Adam White

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