LEGO Architecture Ideas Book Review

LEGO® bricks are amazing things, they can be used to create an array of amazing things. But one of the most impressive things about LEGO bricks are what people can do with them. Once such person is Alice Finch, a name many will know from her amazing large-scale LEGO recreation of Hogwarts Castle. To create a build as intricate as Hogwarts, Alice needed to use some unique methods of brick wizardry to achieve correct architectural features the school of Witchcraft and Wizardry has. Something which has now been expanded on and turned into another LEGO focused title from No Starch Press. So let’s take a closer look.

Product Description

The LEGO Architecture Idea Book will provide endless inspiration for aspiring builders who want to turn their ordinary models into something extraordinary. In this example-packed guide, Alice Finch (renowned for her massive, detailed models of buildings from Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings) shares her best building secrets for crafting realistic walls, roofs, columns, and decorations using LEGO.

  • Book Title: LEGO Architecture Ideas Book
  • Publisher: No Starch Press
  • Pages: 200
  • RRP: £20.99
  • ISBN: 9781593278212
  • Availability: Online

The Book

There are numerous ways to put LEGO bricks together, the fact that six 2×4 bricks can be combined over 915 million different ways means you can get a varying range of build techniques. LEGO Designers have a in-depth ‘build bible’ in which ‘rules’ of building are contained. These legal connections can result in pretty cool architectural features, these are often found in many of the LEGO Creator Expert sets, especially the modular sets. There are also a number of build techniques that are used less often but can result in some amazing looking MOCs. The book features a wide range of ideas to get the best from your bricks and give you MOCs a creative flare.

Various architecture styles and features are included across the book, these are shown off by a great selection of bespoke images, which some techniques details in short but simple ‘How To’ boxouts. Just flicking through the book shows use how versatile LEGO is as a creative medium. Sure some of the ideas could be considered ‘illegal’ but you can’t argue that they don’t look pretty cool. Alice has provided a wide ranging collection of styles and ideas, perfect for any sort of buildings or scenes you could be planning to build. Don’t think that due to her history with themes like Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings, that’s all the book focuses on. There is something for everyone, from epic castles to deep space stations.


The book does an amazing job of presenting Alice’s impressive collection of architectural techniques. Although the book is basically a collection of images, the photography is great and clearly shows what can be done with LEGO elements. I like how there are little snippets of information, which offer more information about elements used or how there are put together. There are so many different ways to combine elements to create a multitude of styles of architecture. If you are an avid MOC builder or just starting out then the book has something for builders of all experience levels. Who knows you could be inspired to create a build as epic as Alice’s.

The LEGO Architecture Ideas Book is published by No Starch Press and will be available now from Amazon, and in digital form from both WHSmith and No Starch Press.


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