LEGO 90th Anniversary Set Fan Vote Opens

The second and final Fan Vote has opened for the LEGO® Ideas 90th Anniversary set. After allowing fans to vote on numerous bygone themes, the top three have been chosen to move on to the final vote. However, it’s been decided that a mistake was made with including the various Castle sub-themes as singular options instead of under the Classic Castle banner, so although the top 3 themes remain unchanged, Castle has been added as a fourth option as combining votes on sub-themes would push Castle into the Top 3. So the four past themes up for votes include BIONICLE, Classic Space, Pirates and Castle. The winner of this vote will become a special one-off set released in 2022 to celebrate the 90th anniversary of LEGO. Cast your vote here, you can also see a break down of votes below.

Round one is over, it’s time for round two!

First off, with over 77,000 people participating in this fan vote, we have been absolutely blown away by the incredible interest and support. So thank you to everyone who made their voices heard in this fan vote. We have seen every single one of your votes and comments both on LEGO Ideas and off, it’s mind-blowing how excited you all are. And we are too!

Enough of that. We’ve said thank you to you all, but you want to know what the top three will be!

The top three voted themes were:

  1. Bionicle
  2. Classic Space
  3. Pirates

With a monumental amount of support, you can see the full numbers for each theme below:

  1. Bionicle – 24799
  2. Classic Space – 18171
  3. Pirates – 15884
  4. Trains – 14855
  5. Adventurers – 13988
  6. Classic Castle -12603
  7. Forestmen – 8056
  8. Lion Knights – 7117
  9. Imperials – 7012
  10. Town – 6610
  11. Black Knights – 6427
  12. Model Team – 6397
  13. Dragon Knights – 6334
  14. Space Police – 5738
  15. Rock Raiders – 5298
  16. Studios – 5179
  17. Blacktron – 5088
  18. Ice Planet – 4503
  19. Black Falcons – 4244
  20. Aquazone – 4051
  21. M-Tron – 3555
  22. Alpha Team – 2807
  23. Paradisa – 2584
  24. Time Cruisers – 2234
  25. Wolfpack – 2111
  26. Exploriens – 1695
  27. Arctic – 1620
  28. Divers – 1424

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