Latest LEGO House Limited Edition Set Revealed

Since LEGO® House opened its doors, the Billund-based attraction has released a number of exclusive items including a series of special sets. Today, the latest set in the LEGO House Limited Edition series has been unveiled. LEGO House Limited Edition No. 4 is inspired by the iconic LEGO minifigure. The set is similar to the large-scale buildable Harry Potter minifigures, but transforms the legendary pirate, Captain Redbeard into a displayable model. The set is on sale now exclusively at the LEGO House in Billund. The set will be available from March 1st, especially in the LEGO House store.

If you can make it to LEGO House, there is also a special launch event. This will include meeting the set’s designers and getting a signed copy of the set. You can learn more about that here. If you can’t get to Billund, then there will be a social media live stream the following day. At 2pm UK time, join the LEGO House team on Instagram for a special presentation of the pirate-themed set and a chance to see how the set was designed.




LEGO House releases tribute to the iconic LEGO minifigure

This year’s LEGO House Exclusive set “A Minifigure Tribute” (40504) is a celebration of the LEGO minifigure — an indispensable part of the LEGO history since 1978. For 45 years, the tiny character has made it possible for children and adults to step into any adventure built in LEGO bricks. This limited edition set will be released on March 1, 2023.

Every year, the LEGO House Limited Edition set celebrates an iconic moment in LEGO history. One such moment was the launch of the LEGO minifigure in 1978. The small figure magically gives you the opportunity to become part of any LEGO adventure you choose to build – whether you dream of a noisy battle at sea, putting out a fire in LEGO city, entering hyperspace in a rocket, or hosting a feast in a castle. That magical ability turns 45 this year.

That’s why this year’s LEGO House Limited Edition had to be a heartfelt tribute to the more than 10 billion minifigures that have conquered the world since the launch. And it’s done with a big scale version of the legendary Captain Redbeard minifigure – now with special details!

Kathrine Kirk Muff, LEGO House Managing Director, said:

“Can you imagine LEGO play and the LEGO House without the minifigure – | can’t! The tiny, charming figure, just four LEGO bricks tall, is a standing invitation to LEGO fans of all ages as an empowering tool to tell unlimited stories.

“To highlight a significant part of the LEGO Group history – the invention of the minifigure – this year’s exclusive LEGO House product simply had to be a tribute to the minifigure. The minifigure can be found everywhere in LEGO House, not least in the Character Creator and World Explorer play experiences. We also started the 2023 season with a photo exhibition where the minifigure was at the centre.”

Since the first minifigure was launched in 1978, LEGO designers have created a staggering 8,000 different minifigures with every imaginable face expression, hairstyle, hat, beard, dress, or superhero cape. Since 2010, they’ve even had their very own LEGO minifigures collectable series.

LEGO Group Designer Jens Nygaard Knudsen was the master of the minifigure design that we know and love today. He had to go through at least 50 different prototypes before finding the perfect design – a small figure that fits perfectly into the LEGO System in Play scale.

The original Captain Redbeard minifigure from 6285 Black Seas Barracuda was created by Niels Milan Pedersen, and we chose to recreate this iconic figure in large scale for this year’s LEGO House Limited Edition set. Niels has been involved in the development of many popular LEGO sets during his long but still-active career as a LEGO designer. However, of all his many sets, his favourite set is still 6285 Black Seas Barracuda from 1989.

Captain Redbeard is an intricate design with lots of fun details such as a hook for hand, peg leg, epaulettes on his shoulders, and a black captain’s hat with the ‘Jolly Roger’ emblem. All of that is meticulously recreated in this new set. The build stands 30 cm tall and consists of 1041 LEGO bricks and as a little extra detail, the pirate has a LEGO House bracelet on his hook hand and a treasure map in his hand with a secret reference to the designers behind the product!

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