Inking The Incredible With The Brick Illustrator

Over the last few months you may have seen some pretty impressive LEGO® illustrations pop on on social media. Which is exactly where I discovered the amazing work of The Brick Illustrator. As a LEGO fan I love it when people present their similar passions is creative ways, which is exactly what The Brick Illustrator does. From fan favourite characters to custom creations, each piece of LEGO is brought to life with brush strokes and dabs of colour. So I wanted to share their amazing work to a wider audience, but instead of just posting up some images, I wanted to see what inspires The Brick Illustrator and discover how they create their lovely LEGO artworks.

Q. What media do you work in?

A. I use an iPad Pro along the with the Apple Pencil to create my work using a number of digital techniques such as watercolour, ink and pencil to get the desired cartoony realism I’m going for.

Q. How long have you been illustrating LEGO sets and minifigures?

A. I first started drawing minifigures properly around March this year when a vintage toy shop near me were looking for looking art to display. I’ve always loved art and drawing since I was a kid so I was persuaded my friends and family to give it a go, the response was fantastic so I came up with the idea of starting my own business, The Brick Illustrator, and ever since the LEGO community have been fantastic. My proudest moment was when I was contacted by the winners of the Channel 4’s LEGO Masters and they commissioned a piece, and have been fantastic supporters of my work. I’ve added a copy of this below.

Q. What’s your favourite piece so far?

A. My favourite piece to date, that’s a tricky one but it has to be the Jurassic Park T-Rex escape scene, I still love that movie to this day and was a huge influence on me as a kid. You can see this below.

Q. Do you build many sets? What’s your favourite set or minifigure or theme?

A. In terms of building sets, my flat is turning into a LEGO store room, I love LEGO and The Brick Illustrator has reinvigorated my passion for it, as a kid I loved the Space and Pirate theme (I still have my Black Sea Barracuda on display!) and recently I’ve purchased the Hogwarts Castle, now if I could just find some space to put it… I suppose my favourite theme over the years has to be Star Wars.

Q. How can people own a piece of your work?

A. Regarding orders and how people can own any of my work, recently people have been contacted me through the website but this is in need a much needed makeover soon, others contact me through the Facebook and Instagram pages, this will be a lot easier later in the year when I open my Etsy store.

Big thanks to The Brick Illustrator for taking the time to share their answers with me and offer an insight into their creations. Be sure to see even more of The Brick Illustrator’s work on social media, by following the links above. And a special thanks for this lovely piece of Emmet artwork!


Author: Adam White

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    I stumbled on Brick Illustrators incredible work (via Instagram) earlier today.

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