Identify LEGO Elements In An Instant With Piqabrick

Ever wanted to instantly know which set a particular brick or Minifigure comes from? Have you spend a few hours online trying to track down a particular element ID so you can order more for a MOC you are building? Then this interesting new device and software combination is just what you need. Piqabrick is a brick scanning device, which suggests it can tell you the element number and sets details for LEGO® bricks and Minifigures. Placing either one under the special camera device will tell you which sets it can be found in and its element ID so you can track it down on Bricklink or Piqabrick is currently running a Kickstarter campaign to fund the product and you support it here. It sounds like an interesting ideas, and it would be cool to see it in action. Learn more about Piqabrick below.

Piqabrick – First LEGO identifier, forever-free, lightning-fast. Identify any Brick in the blink of an eye. Now on Kickstarter.

I am Claudio of GETCOO and I am happy to announce PIQABRICK, our made in Italy product that applies the computer vision technology to the world of LEGO, is on Kickstarter! Piqabrick is the new must-have for any AFOL (Adult Fan Of Lego) and Brick lover to instantly identify any brick code and manage the inventory.

PIQABRICK relies on DART (Direct Acquisition and ReTrieval), Getcoo’s proprietary Artificial Intelligence, already adopted in industry and tourism. PIQABRICK is made of two parts: the PIQABRICK BOX and the web dashboard. The first one consists of a USB camera and LED (to provide the correct illumination) mounted on top of a box made by ​LEGO​® ​bricks. The box has precise dimensions (16×16 brick units wide and 12 brick units tall), but it is fully customizable by the user with his/hers own bricks (as long the internal dimension are kept, the color of the bricks does not matter). The PIQABRICK BOX is connected to a PC via USB and does not require any installation. To identify a brick, down to its ID and color code, just put it into the box!

The web dashboard controls the camera in the PIQABRICK BOX for the brick identification. Once the brick is identified the dashboard provides the links to the LEGO marketplaces to easily buy/sell the brick and to manage the personal inventory.

With PIQABRICK, Lego lovers can save time in the brick identification and the personal inventory management. The computer vision speeds up the buying/selling activity on the specialized marketplaces. With less time needed for searching, sorting and inventorying, more time to play, build, and have fun!


  • identifies any brick down to the ID and color code
  • speeds up the identification with computer vision
  • identifies minifigs as well
  • suggests similar bricks (by code or color)
  • provides “appear in” functionality (list of sets in which a brick appears)
  • provides “rebrick” functionality (list of sets one can build with the bricks in his/her inventory)PIQABRICK is the first LEGO identifier, forever-free, and lightning-fast. Identify any Brick in the blink of an eye. Now on Kickstarter.More info:
  • Kickstarter
  • YouTubeWe’d love if you could write about Piqabrick and its Kickstarter campaign in your website/magazine/review.Claudio Berti CTO, Getcoo srl.

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