How To Get Your LEGO FORMA Set

If you’re interested in the newly announced LEGO® FORMA set, they you maybe wondering how you could get hold of one. The set will not be brought to market in the traditional sense, it won’t be appearing in stores or the LEGO online shop, instead it can be backed on crowdfunding site, Indiegogo. There are various levels of ‘funding’ you can back, each of which will get you different perks. There is the base set, which includes the LEGO FORMA kit and Koi carp skin, this works out at around £34/£45. There are are different foil skins which can be added to the base set, these include a shark, splash Koi and ink Koi, these are around £12/$15 each. Finally there is the Super Box, which include the base set and all additional skins. These works out at around £65/$85. Each comes in either a US or UK version so make sure you choose the correct versions to back.

Although this is being crowdfunded, the partnership with Indiegogo is being used to gauge interest in this new creative build experience, rather than a money making exercise. LEGO FORMA is a completely new concept, although based on the LEGO Technic building system, the set has been designed as a more relaxed way to interact with LEGO and it’s aimed squarely at the adult market. To learn more about LEGO FORMA and to add your support to the project, head over to the LEGO FORMA Indiegogo page.

Author: Adam White

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  1. Can I buy Lego Forma from you or can you advise where I can buy it from

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      • They seem to be all sold out.
        Any idea if there are any plans for an extension of this edition anytime soon?

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        • No plans as far as I know they were only available via the Indiegogo campaign

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          • There will be plenty of these available on the secondary market when they are released to backers in January.

  2. Are there any plans to market LEGO Forma in retail stores or online in the near future?

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    • No plans as of yet but it’s entirely possible FORMA may become a product line in the future

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  3. well the secondary market is cashing in at $200+ on the sets

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  4. Wish that the indiego campaign would extend their purchase options… I was slow to hear this exciting news and the secondary sellers are of course price gouging based on lack of supply and the high demand.

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  5. Hundreds of us would love these sets. How can we reach LEGO and let yhem know?

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    • I would advise contacting them via customer services. The contact form can be found on

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