Creative LEGO Christmas MOCs & Ideas

We have a festive treat in the form of a guest feature from James over at Brick Pals, who has taken a look at some Christmas themed MOCs and builds from across the internet. There are displays, buildings and decorations to take a peek at. So read on and head over to Brick Pals for by from James and the team.

Creative LEGO Christmas MOCs and Ideas

Christmas time is near! And what better way to spread Christmas cheer than with LEGO Christmas MOCs. There are so many creative ideas out there. We’ll go over quite a few, so be sure to reserve space in your LEGO world for a visit from Santa and friends.

MOC Decorations

Let’s start small. Firstly, I’ll be introducing several decorative and simpler, stand-alone pieces for you to add to your home. LEGO Christmas MOCs are a creative way to enjoy the Christmas spirit. They also let your loved ones know what gifts you want for Christmas this season. More LEGO, of course!

“Santa BrickHeadz”

LEGO BrickHeadz are great and fun. They are perfect standing pieces for you and your holiday guests to enjoy. Here’s a great BrickHeadz MOC of Santa Clause. The details show off his cold, red nose to his curly beard and locks. Obviously, Santa comes bearing gifts. User “alinuxer” provides a fantastic MOC on bricklink that anyone can create and enjoy.


Loving the Santa BrickHeadz? Of course! But you want something more sophisticated to go with the snazzy tree and decorations right? Worry not! These LEGO Christmas MOCs inspired by The Nutcracker are what you need. Bricklink user “Amida” provides us with four Nutcracker MOCs that will dazzle you and your holiday guests. Standing a little over 6 inches tall, the detail on these pieces are incredible. The colors on each build really give them their own individuality. Furthermore, their elongated limbs and sophisticated hats really do resemble the classic Nutcrackers on granny’s shelf. It’s a classic piece with a LEGO twist!


Christmas can’t be without Christmas trees. And Christmas trees can’t be without ornaments! LEGO Christmas MOCs ornaments are a unique way we can all express our Christmas spirit and LEGO spirit.

“Colored Ornaments”

These simple, but colorful LEGO ornaments will definitely do the trick. But make no mistake about “tricks” here, they are a treat. LEGO gifts us with so many available brick colors. Just imagine all of the possibilities for your Christmas tree!

“Snowman Ornament”

You’re loving the LEGO ornaments? But you want to show off a little more flair? A few of these LEGO Christmas MOC snowmen, featured on etsy, are sure to liven things up. The orange-carrot nose, coal buttons, and lively smile give Frosty a run for his money. Personalize your Christmas tree with some of these guys to bring it life!

MOC Builds

Now it’s time to really get creative. Get ready to build! We’ll be going over some amazing LEGO Christmas MOCs. And you can include them all to your LEGO city. Christmas couldn’t come sooner!


It’s time to sprinkle a little snow onto your LEGO rooftops. These Christmas MOCs will definitely spread the holiday cheer to every single minifigure.

“LEGO Christmas House” (with lights)

How can anyone spread Christmas joy without Christmas lights? This MOC is meticulously detailed and is fun-filled on its own. But MinifigNick’s implementation of LED lights really put his LEGO Christmas Spirit on full display. Several LED light up strings, such as these, on your LEGO buildings can really give your LEGO city that extra wow factor. The lights really pop!

“Gingerbread House”

Christmas and Gingerbread goes together like milk and cookies. Your LEGO Christmas just isn’t complete without a LEGO Gingerbread House. “A Minifig Christmas” represented here by mocpages creator Nannan Z, brings the Christmas festivities. The colors on this build are amazing to see.

The candy fence looks good enough to eat. And that Christmas Tree is tall enough for minifigure-grandeur. Your minifigures can visit the Gingerbread House and ice skate all day with this LEGO Christmas MOC.

“Winter Village Church”

This “Winter Village Church” MOC by “bricksandtiles” on rebrickable is absolutely incredible. The imperfect, snow-piled roof and decorated halls display spectacular finesse. Two aisles and five rows of seating provide more than enough room to fill your Church halls with minifigures for some Christmas carols. This detailed build requires 2211 parts. For those wanting a more spiritual touch in their LEGO city, this build is amazing.

Smaller Builds

This next piece is for those who are already thick in the spirit of Christmas. This build can pair well for those of us who already have LEGO Creator Santa’s Workshop [10245]. We all know Santa has to prepare gifts before Christmas. But remember, part of his holiday duties are also to take photographs with the children!

“Pictures With Santa”

Jai The Artist’s smaller, but just as fun, LEGO Christmas MOC satisfies just that. From the cute baby minifigure, to the sad little boy in line, this expressive build is a favorite. Extend that line and add your unique minifigures to give this piece even more character. The LEGO Avengers want to see Santa? The LEGO Beatles? LEGO Star Wars Darth Vader might want a new lightsaber for Christmas. Get in line!

“Ebenezer’s House”

And finally! For those of us who just don’t feel very much in the Christmas spirit this year, this build is a perfect match. Ebenezer Scrooge doesn’t feel like partaking in the holiday festivities either. The dreary colors and bland, undecorated Christmas tree are a subtle, yet detailed touch. This build will inspire you to have an Ebenezer of your own!


In conclusion, the creative LEGO Christmas MOCs and ideas are endless. Hopefully, some of these MOCs can inspire you to creative and add some of your own. Don’t sit on it too long though, Christmas only comes once a year!

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