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One of my favourite films is Jurassic Park, I fondly remember going to see in the cinema multiple times way back in 1993. I would of been just 10 years old and I remember being a mixture of scared but amazed at seeing dinosaurs being brought to life. So I was delighted when it was revealed we would be getting a LEGO® Jurassic World theme. Although based on the new trilogy, we have been treated to a set based on the Raptor kitchen chase from the original film and the legendary Dr Ian Malcolm appeared in the hard-to-find LEGO Jurassic World Bricktober Minifigure Pack. So when I received the new Legend of Isla Nublar sets to review, I had to recreate one of the many iconic scenes from Jurassic Park. As Alan Grant, Ellie Sattler and Ian Malcolm are taken on a tour of the park, they encounter a sick Triceratops. This allows them to get up close to a dinosaur. As Dr Grant leans on the Triceratops, Ellie checks the dino droppings, whilst Dr Malcolm does what he does best – wisecrack.

It started with this image, taken on a white background and I used it as a BricksFanz Facebook cover image. But I wanted to create something a little more natural looking. So I watched the scene a couple of times and got to work. I used a tea bag to stain a white piece of paper to create a base, then baked it to get a darker colour. Then I added some sand and straw, before finding some prehistoric looking leaves I found whilst walking the dog. The result is this…

So by combining these three LEGO sets, I managed to recreate the sick Triceratops encounter from Jurassic Park. Which is why I love LEGO so much, it can be a creative media in so many ways. I also like getting an idea and being able to envision it with a little bit of work. I really do hope the long rumoured LEGO Jurassic Park large scale set is real, as I want more legacy sets in my collection.


Author: Adam White

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