Celebrating 20 Years Of BrickLink

Yesterday marked the 20 anniversary of the BrickLink platform. Since the set was created Daniel Jezek, it has become a major part of the LEGO® community. From offering a place to find LEGO elements to creating fan built MOCs. In recent times it was also announced that BrickLink was purchased by the LEGO Group, with varying levels of excitement. As BrickLink celebrates 20 years, starting next week, there will be a focus on how the site has helped to shape parts of the fan community. Each day there will be a different topic covered, you can even share your celebratory MOCs. Learn more below.

20 Days of BrickLink event

This event will also focus on BrickLink’s history and future and how the community played a part in its success. It will also be a space where we can share original stories, content, etc. with each other. The first week of the event is dedicated to the first 10 years of BrickLink, the second week dedicated to years 11-15, the third week focuses on events leading up to the present, and the last week focuses on the future. The 20 Days of BrickLink event will begin on Monday, June 22nd, and it will run until Friday, July 17th (excluding weekends).

Every week, we will cover a topic for each weekday:

  1. About – On Mondays, we will share a general post about the week’s theme. There are four themes altogether: how it all started, what made a difference, where things are today, and what’s next.
  2. Spotlight – On Tuesdays, we will be putting the spotlight on members of the community for contributing to or having an impact on BrickLink in some way.
  3. Your Stories – On Wednesdays, members who shared their BrickLink moment story with us will be posted here. If you’d like to submit your own story, please go to the submissions page. If you have a MOC that represents the 20th anniversary, add the tag 20 Days of BrickLink to your MOC details so that other members can easily find it in the Studio Gallery.
  4. From the Team – On Thursdays, members from our team will share a story related to the week’s theme.
  5. BrickLink Challenge – On Fridays, we thought we’d make things a little more interesting with some challenges! Questions will be multiple-choice or open-ended, and depending on the challenge, you will be timed. Some answers may even be in previous posts 🙂

Join us on Monday, June 22nd for Day 1 of 20 Days of BrickLink,! We hope that you all will enjoy this special event.

Author: Adam White

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