Batman Day: Top 10 Best LEGO Batman Sets

It’s Batman Day, so as the world celebrates its greatest detective, I take a look at the best LEGO® sets currently available, which feature the dark knight. Batman has been iconic part of the LEGO brand for a number of years now. Long before his much-loved role in The LEGO Movie, which lead to his own big screen outing, Batman has appeared in many different forms across a number of LEGO sets and products. There are currently a great range of sets available featuring Batman and his super-friends, fiendish foe and collection of crazy contraptions. To celebrate Batman Day, it’s time to take a look at the top ten sets currently available.

  • Number 10: Tactical Batman & Superman BrickHeadz

Although Justice League wasn’t the best of movies, it has given us a number of fun LEGO sets based on the characters featured in it. Batman in particular takes on an usual form not previously seen in other Batman roles. Gone is the camp crusader of the 60s or the darker tone of Nolan’s Dark Knight, instead you get a suped up, bulky armoured Batman, who even wears goggles. Perfectly captured in this BrickHeadz version of the characters. 41610: Tactical Batman & Superman – Shop Now

  • Number 9: The Bat-Dune Buggy

The LEGO Batman Movie was filled with Bat-themed gadgets and vehicles, some of which bordered on the strange. For a multi-billionaire playboy businessman, Bruce Wayne certainly has the funds to cover the cost of any sort of vehicles you could possibly imagine. When faced with taking on Captain Boomerang, due to his Australian roots, it’s possible sand could be involved, regardless of if you’re fighting him in Gotham, hence the need for dune buggy. 70918: The Bat-Dune Buggy – Shop Now

  • Number 8: Batman Brother Eye Takedown

One of the recently released new sets, not only features Batman but also Batwoman and a new style Batwing. It’s interesting to see how many different versions of iconic Bat-vehicles we have been treated over the years. This new version is embellished by the new-for-2018 bat-shield elements and of course an all-new Batwoman minifigure. 76111: Batman Brother Eye Takedown – Shop Now

  • Number 7: Batman vs. Harley Quinn

The Mighty Micros range brings a fun twist to the world of Super Heroes. Each pack has a good guy taking on his or her foe, with this set pitting Batman against Harley Quinn. Batman appears in a comical looking form and comes complete with a micro batmobile-style kart. 76092: Mighty Micros Batman vs. Harley Quinn – Shop Now

  • Number 6: The Batmobile

One of the first sets revealed based The LEGO Batman Movie was this usual version of the Batmobile. The “Speedwagon” looks like nothing that has come before, but is filled with fun features like adjustable suspension and stud-firing blasters. It’s definitely a unique take on one of cinemas’ most iconic cars.  70905: The Batmobile – Shop Now

  • Number 5: Batman The Attack of the Talon

Another of the recently released sets to feature Batman, as the Dark Knight taking on the Talon. As well as a unique version of Batman, you also get a new Bat-bike vehicle, complete with those new bat-shield elements. But the best thing is the inclusion of Ace the Bat-hound.  76110: Batman The Attack of the Talon – Shop Now

  • Number 3: The Ultimate Batmobile

Making a surprise appearance between the two main wave of sets based on The LEGO Batman Movie, the Ultimate Batmobile appears towards the end of the movie and splits into four components – Batmobile, Batwing, Bat-Tank and Batcycle. In its complete form, it looks more like a traditional take of the Batmobile and has plenty of play features and ace minifigures. 70917: The Ultimate Batmobile – Shop Now

  • Number 2: App-Controlled Batmobile

One of the first sets to be released featuring the new Powered Up control system. This adds a new level of powered play to LEGO sets, thanks to a new set of bluetooth enabled motors. These are controlled by a new app, which also adds fun sounds and Batman’s gruff tones to this tank-like version of the Batmobile. 76112: App-Controlled Batmobile – Shop Now

  • Number 1: The Bat-Space Shuttle

The LEGO Batman Movie has given us an amazingly crazy array of Bat-themed vehicles, but the best of the bunch has to be the Bat-space shuttle. The sheen madness of Bruce Wayne’s extensive range of branded transport, is perfectly summed up with a bat-branded space shuttle and to truly hammer home the point, the set also includes a Bat-moon buggy and a Bat-Kayak. Making it one batty LEGO set.  70923: The Bat-Space Shuttle – Shop Now


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