A Look At LEGO…. LEGO Fans

Today we take A Look at LEGO®.... LEGO Fans, no that isn’t a typo. With the early release of set 70656: garmadon, Garmadon, GARMADON, we noticed one of the minifigures included in the great new set is sporting a funky t-shirt, with a familiar logo upon it. But this isn’t the first time, a long retired LEGO themes have been celebrated via the medium of clothing. One of the first examples of showing some LEGO love occurred with the release of The LEGO Movie and set 70813: Rescue Reinforcements.


The name kind of gives it away but in-case you’re not sure Fabu-Fan is a fan of the character driven Fabuland theme, which first appeared in the late 70s. Fabu-Fan’s colourful shirt features the iconic Fabuland logo and a little picture of Mark the Monkey (what a name). The theme may be long gone, but many of the elements it introduced are still used today, across a number of LEGO sets and themes.

Blacktron Fan

Again the name gives the game away here, but the Blacktron Fan is more a fan of the second range of Blacktron sets, cleverly named Blacktron II. The Blacktron theme was a spin off of the much-loved LEGO Space theme. With the range featuring eye-catching sets built using mainly black, white and neon green pieces. This was reflected in the logo of the theme, which appears on Blacktron Fan’s shirt.

Mother Doomsday

The LEGO movie universe would continue to provide loving nods to themes of LEGO past, with two sets from The LEGO NINJAGO Movie range. The first of which appeared in the huge D2C set 70620: NINJAGO City. This amazing set included various residents of NINJAGO City including Comic Book Store owner, Mother Doomsday. He’s really showing his geek credentials with a shirt featuring Galidor. This odd looking line of LEGO sets appeared in 2002 and was accompanied by a animated TV show and featured some pretty funky looking pieces.


The latest LEGO ‘LEGO’ Fan is included in set 70656: garmadon, Garmadon, GARMADON. Nancy is showing off her love of LEGO Space spin-offs, with her M-Tron tee. This magnetic, spacey theme, was another subtheme of LEGO Space and included Spacemen clad in red, black and white outfits. A colour scheme which would carry over to many of the themes sets.

These LEGO loving minifigures also seem to share another trait, and it’s not their shirts. Taking a closer of these minifolks, reveals they all seem to have braces (apart from Mother Doomsday). Which is another nice little connecting detail. With the 60th anniversary of the LEGO brick coming next year, what other past LEGO sets would you like to see celebrated in 2018? Let us know below.

Author: Adam White

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