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With the surprise announcement of The Joker Manor set yesterday we thought it was the perfect time to take a look back at some of the Clown Prince of Crime’s other chuckle-some sets. Wherever Bat’s goes the Joker isn’t far behind and their rivalry took a multi-dimensional twist in The LEGO Batman Movie earlier this year. When The Joker isn’t giving the local playboy millionaire’s mansion a psychedelic makeover, he can be found in his own fun-filled funhouses. Over the years there have been various takes on The Joker’s dwelling, many of which share similar traits which one another.

The earliest to feature The Joker’s unique taste in home decor was The Dynamic Duo Funhouse Escape, released back in 2012. Just like The Joker Manor, set 6857 features a track section and plenty of Joker related paraphernalia.

The Caped Crusader would face-off with The Joker again in 2014 but things got bit more cutesy. This time around The Joker built his Funhouse out of Duplo bricks and although it was decidedly more simplistic than other Joker builds, it shared same the bright and wacky colour scheme.

In 2015 The Joker stepped up his game and not only had his Funhouse to cause mischief, but a full fairground. Each of his villainous buddies got their own themed attractions with the centrepiece being Joker’s Funhouse. This part of the set has a lot in common with The Joker Manor set, with each featuring an oversized menacing clown face, wacky mirrors and a slide. The set also introduced characters from Teen Titans Go! into the world of LEGO long before Dimensions did and also has one of the best Minifigure-scale Batmobiles.

For the first wave of sets based on The LEGO Batman Movie, The Joker didn’t really get a chance to shine, appearing in two Joker-themed sets, Joker’s Balloon Escape and The Joker Notorious Lowrider. The LEGO Batman Movie’s take on The Joker paired perfectly with Will Arnett’s sulky Batman and it’s great to see the crazy character get such an impressive showpiece set like The Joker Manor. Not only is it packed with some great looking features and build techniques, it also introduces some interesting new elements and of course is largest of The LEGO Batman Movie sets released so far. 70922: The Joker Manor will be released on November 24th and you add this great looking new set to your LEGO wishlist now and see even more of the set here.



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