41456: Unikingdom Fairground Fun Review

We’ve journeyed through the sunshine and sparkles of the Unikingdom to grab some of the new LEGO® Unikitty! sets. As we exclusively revealed, a previously unseen set joins the line-up and features a colourful rollercoaster and other fairground rides. We’ve been building this fun new set and thought it was worthy of taking a closer look at. Excitement surrounding the new theme is certainly mixed. Some can’t wait to grab the new, sets whilst over seem to want to burn them with fire. But whichever side of the argument you fall on, join us as we take a detailed look set 41456: Unikingdom Fairground Fun.

Product Details

Join Unikitty and her friends for a sparkly adventure in the LEGO® Unikitty™! 41456 Unikingdom Fairground Fun set! With a colourful working roller coaster, a spinning chair ride and super cool dodgems, it’s impossible not to have fun at the Unikingdom Fairground! After you have been on all the rides, Princess Unikitty and her friends can buy a sweet treat at the refreshment stands. Perfect for recreating your favourite stories from the Unitkitty! TV Series, the Unikingdom Fairground Fun play set includes 6 buildable figures of Unikitty™, Prince Puppycorn™, Master Frown, Dr. Fox and more.

  • Set Name: Unikingdom Fairground Fun
  • Set Number: 41456
  • Pieces: N/A
  • RRP: £40.00
  • Characters: Unikitty, Prince Puppycorn, Dr Fox, Rick, Master Frown & Brock
  • Availability: Exclusive to TESCO

The Set

The set features three main sections – a Spinner Ride, Mini Roller Coaster and Dodgem Cars, as well as six buildable characters. As you can see from the images here, colour is a key part of the Unikitty! range, will many elements appearing in so pretty crazy colours for the first time.

The spinner ride is quite similar to the one featured in the LEGO Friends fairground sub-theme. It combines a three seat spinning ride, which can be spun around using the handle on top of the printed disc plate elements, with a food stand/toilet. The graphic details on the food stand are all stickers but the look great and make the already colourful set, ever more eye-catching. Each seat on the ride is different so the varying shaped characters can all fit.

As well as the spinner is a couple of Dodgems, these are animal themed and appear to represent a duck and some sort of sea creature, maybe a whale or a shark. These are built in a way to fit certain characters, do the duck will only fit Unikitty or Puppycorn and the other only has the correct space for Master Frown. I quite like that the ride are all a little different even if the mismatched seats on the spinner and the Dodgems may seem a little odd.

The main part of the build is a miniature roller coaster ride, this uses the new coaster tracks and carts. This section of the set is super coloured, thanks to the rainbow column of bricks, topped with a happy looking penguin. Who also acts as a lock, which holds the coaster carts in place. Pushing this unleashes the coaster down the track.

The cart has spaces for two characters, with Puppycorn or Unikitty fitting perfectly into the from cart and Master Frown or the excitable Rick, able to sit in the back cart. Most surprising is these stay in place when the carts shoot down the coaster track.

There are some cool new piece used in the set, including a new inverted 1×3 plate used for the connection between Unikitty and Puppycorn’s head and body. New tiny shield teeth plates for Puppycorn’s ears and Dr Fox’s arms, which are almost like minifigure arms, but with Technic pin connectors. Plus there is the four pieces of coaster track and the two coaster cars. Even if the though of buying a Unikity set fills you with some sort of strange unnecessary rage, you have to admire some of the parts it contains.

The Characters

The set includes six main characters from the TV show, making it the best set to buy if you want the whole Unikingdom team. There’s four good guys which includes Unikitty, Puppycorn, Dr Fox and Rick. Unikitty and her bro Puppycorn are fairly similar in the build. Both having the small arch element for their bodies, printed brick for face and cone on their heads. Slight differences are Unikitty has cheese wedges for ears and Puppycorn has the new mini shield teeth. Unikiity uses her original tail piece, whereas Puppycorn has a ball element. As mentioned above, the heads of these characters are connected in a new way. One of the biggest issues with the original design, was the neck connection. Now a new inverted 1×3 plate is connected via a plate 1X1, W/ 3.2 Shaft And 1.5 Hole element. Visually it doesn’t look much different, but it’s a much sturdier connection. Dr Fox has a lot going on, including new arm pieces, a new element for her head and double slope wedges for ears. I think she is my favour build because of the parts used. Finally the most difficult character to build is Richard the brick or Rick to his friends. He is a 1×3 brick, that’s it. In the show he floats, so this is achieved by a couple of clears pieces.

Unikingdom is filled will joy, happiness and sparkles. But over in Frown Town, it’s the exact opposite. It’s also where this grumpy guys are from. Brock is sleepy liking tomb stone type creative and he is joined by Master Frown. Who looks a little like a Mixel’s Nixel. Both character have darker, more muted colours and moody looking faces. They aren’t fun as the colourful bunch above, but still a nice addition to the set.


As one of the bigger sets in the Unikitty range, it’s certainly one of the most fun. There’s plenty of play features in the rides and they are genuinely fun to build. Their overly colourful nature seems to be putting some LEGO fans off, but they are great sets. The brick-built characters are great and do an impressive job and transformig there animated versions into LEGO. We’ll be taking a look at a few other LEGO Unikitty! sets over the next few days to stay tuned for more Unikitty fun on BricksFanz.com.

Author: Adam White

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